Reunion of Antakshari hostesses Pallavi Joshi, Renuka Shahane, Rajeshwari Sachdeva and Durga Jasraj at 'The Future Of Life Festival'


Pallavi Joshi, Renuka Shahane, Rajeshwari Sachdeva, and Durga Jasraj will give a new way to Lockdown. Just as when the whole world is sitting at home and has been restricted to step out, try answering this nostalgia question if that could help you kill boredom. What’s common to Pallavi Joshi, Renuka Shahane, Durga Jasraj, and Rajeshwari Sachdeva? Well, besides the fact that all of them are drop-dead gorgeous and are extremely talented, there’s one commonality that binds them together. You guessed it right… Antakshari! All of these extremely talented ladies have been a host to the most popular talent show of the nineties.

Giving company to her go-getter husband Vivek Agnihotri in ‘The Future Of Life Festival’, will be Pallavi Joshi, who will be seen along with Renuka Shahane, Durga Jasraj, and Rajeshwari Sachdeva. Pallavi Joshi, who had started off as a child artist in films went onto achieve dizzying heights in her career spanning many decades. Superlative performances, awards, and rave reviews have always been synonymous with her. The ageless woman that she is, will be seen reviving the good ol’ ‘Antakshari’ days at the much-awaited ‘The Future Of Life Festival’, which will take place on April 30, 2020 (Thursday) at 5 pm IST.

Speaking about the coming together of all four of them, the ever-versatile Pallavi Joshi said, “Music unites souls. Acting was the primary profession of all four of us viz., Renuka Shahane, Durga Jasraj, Rajeshwari Sachdeva and myself. Yet, it was music that brought us together and made us lifelong friends. All these three wonderfully wonderful actors (Renuka Shahane, Durga Jasraj, Rajeshwari Sachdeva) are not just beautiful looking people, but they have got beautiful souls. Rajeshwari Sachdeva is probably one of the best actors that I have ever come across. I am a big, big fan of hers. On the other hand, Renuka Shahane, I think, has the best smile in the whole of India. And as for Durga, she is simply the most amazing person. And, what combines the all four of us is the most whacky sense of humour that all of us share. I am eagerly looking forward to this session with my friends”.