LOL! Kartik Aaryan calls Kriti Sanon's chia pudding, 'chai pudding'


Actress Kriti Sanon is using all the free time during the lockdown to brush up her cooking skills. She has posted a picture on Instagram where she can be seen trying her hand at baking a chia pudding.

She captioned the picture saying: "#KriticalCooking #WhatsCooking
Dish 1: Dark Chocolate Chia Pudding
Lessons learned:
1. Normal pudding tastes better than Chia pudding. So don't ruin a good dessert by trying to make it healthy (Its dessert, not salad!)
2. If you're making it for your parents, don't use Dark chocolate because they'll just say "kadwa hai"! #LockdownDay1"

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Her Lukka Chuppi co-star Kartik Aaryan her other ideas seeing the chia pudding. "Chai pudding," he wrote. Not to be outdone, Kriti replied distorting the name of the actor's hometown: "@kartikaaryan Mr Gawalior Chia."

However, her distorting the spelling of the town of Gwalior did not go down with a section of netizens. One user commented: "Don't call it Gawalior. I am from Gwalior too and I am proud of my city. We can also make fun of your city but we will not."

Several others commented requesting the actress to get her spelling corrected. A user even advised Kartik Aaryan to teach Kriti some English.