'Expectations scare me': Saaho actor Prabhas talks about living with the Baahubali tag


Telugu star Prabhas invested five years in the two-part Baahubali series, which hit screens in 2015 and 2017, and for the past two years, he has been tied up with his new release Saaho, co-starring Shraddha Kapoor. Now as his film hit the silver screens on Auguat 30, the actor prefers "to run away somewhere" as he has done his job. Being aware that no matter what he does, he has to live with the Baahubali tag, Prabhas told a leading daily recently that, "Expectations scare me. From the first part to the second part, it was like climbing from a mountain to scaling Mount Everest. Baahubali was a dream."

While he still manages to remain an enigma, Prabhas has become quite open lately, from doing back-to-back interviews to several rounds of reality shows. Talking about it, he said, "I have learnt to open up. I am more comfortable doing media interactions. Saaho has taken me to Bollywood." Although he is now Bollywood-ready, Prabhas cannot understand the paparazzi culture and airport look, which is non-existent in the South. When asked if he is open to learning the hows and whys of B-Town, Prabhas quipped, "Yes, I am open to doing Hindi films. Let's see how things work out," adding, "In the Hindi version of Saaho, I have delivered the dialogues with the help of a tutor. I do watch a lot of Hindi films." 

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Further showering his praise on the city of Mumbai, Prabhas signed off by saying, "Mumbai has a lot of energy, it's bustling but Hyderabad is home. My family and friends are there, so it will always be the place where I will go back to." Prabhas' next project is a Telugu love story, helmed by Radha Krishna Kumar. The film will release next year and the actor has "already done a bit of shooting."

(Source: Mid-Day)