Karan Johar is all hearts for the 'firstborn in the family'- Aryan Khan as he debuts as Simba in The Lion King Hindi teaser


Shah Rukh Khan, on Thursday morning, introduced his son Aryan Khan as Simba's Hindi voiceover artist with the teaser of the upcoming film The Lion King on his Instagram account. Much to our delight, we found an uncanny resemblance between the voice of the father-son duo. Not just us, but Aryan's godfather Karan Johar was also left in awe of his voice and was equally excited to hear him as Simba. Karan was indeed all hearts for his best friend Shah Rukh's eldest son and his reaction to the teaser was proof.

Karan expressed his excitement by writing, "OMG!!! Aryan!!!!" with multiple heart emojis as he retweeted Shah Rukh's post that included the teaser. If this wasn't enough to show how happy he was, Karan penned a note calling Aryan the firstborn in 'their' family. "Pardon my excitement! But Aryan is the first born in our family!!! And even just hearing his voice has made me so so excited !!!!! And without a bias he sounds amazing!!!!!," Karan wrote.


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Speaking of Karan's bond with Shah Rukh's family, it is rumoured that Aryan will be making his Bollywood debut under Karan's wings. The producer-director is himself keen on launching Aryan into films. Moreover, Shah Rukh had revealed that Karan is the godfather of Aryan and Suhana Khan. Despite rumours of a tiff between Karan and Shah Rukh in the past, the former has always psyched about the latter’s children. Hence, it ain't surprising that Karan is as excited as Shah Rukh and Gauri Khan.

Coming back to The Lion King, Shah Rukh is the voice behind Mufasa and Ashish Vidyarthi plays Scar. Shreyas Talpade is Timon while Sanjay Mishra is Pumbaa and Asrani is Zazu. The Lion King releases on July 19, 2019, in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.

(Source: Twitter)