Watch: The first song Zeher from Ranveer Singh’s ‘passion project IncInk’ sung by Kaam Bhari just dropped and it is quite impactful


After impressing one and all with his rap skills in his last release film Gully Boy, Ranveer Singh has taken his love for music to a different level altogether. He has collaborated with music composer Navzar Eranee and has set up his own music record label, which is called IncInk. He shared the good news on social media with a picture of himself with other artists like Slow Cheeta, Kaam Bhari and Spitfire and wrote, “My passion project. A manifestation of a certain vibe. #IncInk is an independent record label formed by artists for discover, nurture & promote exciting talents from across India. Presenting  #KaamBhaari, #Spitfire & #SlowCheeta from the different hoods of our country. Let’s show these boys some love @kaambhaari @ntnmshra @_slowcheeta_ @neranee  @incinkrecords.”

The first song from the label was also shared by Ranveer. Titled Zeher it is written and performed by Kaam Bhaari. The video is directed by Navzar Eranee and the music has been produced by Shikhar Yuvraj Manchanda a.k.a. RKHIS.

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In the video, we get to see an artist being pressurized by the head-honcho of a record label into signing a contract where he wouldn’t have any rights on the song that he has created. Soon mayhem ensues as a gang member retaliates on this injustice and everyone is killed except the artist who escapes. He is later seen looking into various rooms where artists like him are being similarly pressurized. One of them is also Ranveer who signals him to go into the next room and seek vengeance from the label owner.

The song Zeher is rap and depicts the hard-hitting and commercial business that saps an artists’ creativity and makes him a pawn in the hands of record label owners. Kaam Bhari’s vocals and lyrics are extremely impactful and gripping and you inadvertently end up supporting him.

Watch the song Zeher here: