Mira Rajput reveals the song her daughter Misha sings for baby brother Zain to stop crying


Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput are one of the most loved celebrity couples of Bollywood. They are a power couple in their own right and now have their hands' full parenting their two little munchkins, Misha and Zain. Mira revealed some interesting details regarding the sibling bond that Misha and Zain shares on her recent ‘Ask me a Question’ session on Instagram.

Mira was asked about how she prepared Misha for the arrival of her baby brother when she herself is only a toddler. To this, Mira replied that she and Shahid spoke a lot to Misha about the new impending arrival and read a lot of storybooks to her out which Topsy and Tim and the New Baby became a favourite of hers. Mira also revealed that Misha sings Wheels on the Bus to Zain if he’s crying.

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They ensured that she was a part of the process and was encouraged to help around so that she does not feel left out. Shahid and Mira let her feel that the baby is hers to take care of so she felt like a grown-up little helper.

Now, isn’t that a really cool way to prepare your older child for the new arrival in the family. We’re sure Shahid and Mira are doing a great job of parenting little Misha and Zain.