Akshay Kumar’s response to wife Twinkle Khanna’s wedding anniversary posts is filled with love and ‘punches’


Twinkle Khanna, we’re sure you know by now but we’d still love to tell you that Akshay Kumar has seen your anniversary posts and has come up with a hilarious as well as love-worthy response. Akshay and Twinkle completed eighteen years of marriage on January 17 and the wife, meanwhile, shared a series of pictures on Instagram – really funny ones – we’ll elaborate later. Akshay, though, shared a short clip of Twinkle ‘punching’ him - despite the 51-year-old actor being a ‘martial arts enthusiast.’ Well, that’s what love makes you do.

“When you’re a martial arts enthusiast teaching her the moves but. She decides to use you as a punching bag instead. That’s how 18 years have been...Improvised and full of surprises,” Akshay’s caption read. So cute, this!

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As for Twinkle, she opted for a technique to wish her husband that only she is capable of by incorporating the viral 10-Year-Challenge in her anniversary posts. #18YearChallenge is the hashtag Twinkle has been using in her posts while elaborating what Akshay hasn’t given her during the period of their blissful married life. Yes, you read that right.




But, there was this love-worthy post from Twinkle for Akshay as well.


Akshay and Twinkle married on January 17, 2001, and parent two children – son Aarav and daughter Nitara.