Amitabh Bachchan to portray a gay character in Faraz Ansari’s film Sabr?


Director Faraz Ansari who received critical acclaim for his short film Sisak is now all set for his big feature film. His first feature film titled Sabr is based on a Parsi woman and revolves around the gender crisis that she faces. Shweta Tripathi will be essaying the main lead in the film. The film also stars theatre personality Shernaz Patel. However, the casting for a primary trans character is yet to be finalized and if things fall in place then Amitabh Bachchan might just portray the role.

Ansari wants to cast Bachchan in the role and told an entertainment portal, “I think it is every Indian filmmaker’s dream to work with Mr Bachchan because he truly unites India and Indians. His mastery and prowess as an actor, his humility behind the cameras and his true power and influence to truly bring in a positive change in our hearts and society are the reasons I would be honoured to have him do a very, special guest appearance in Sabr."

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He further added, "The character, though in just a few scenes through the film, is perhaps the most unforgettable character of Sabr and someone the audience will take back home with, to remember on rainy days and starry nights, just the way one remembers our first love. Once I have the cast of Sabr locked, I will be approaching Mr Bachchan. Fingers crossed.”

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It would be interesting to see if Big B agrees to portray such a character on the screen. His son Abhishek Bachchan’s one of the most memorable characters was from the film Dostana where he pretended to be gay.