Rakesh Sharma biopic Salute will start shooting soon: Siddharth Roy Kapur


Film producer Siddharth Roy Kapur, who is backing an upcoming movie on the life of Indian astronaut Rakesh Sharma, says producing a film irrespective of its genre is never an easy task. Kapur was interacting with the media at a special screening of Malayalam film Ranam here on Tuesday.

On reports that actor Shah Rukh Khan will start shooting for Mahesh Mathai's directorial Salute, the biopic on astronaut Rakesh Sharma, Kapur said, "We should be starting it quite soon. It's all on track but I will prefer to make an official announcement."

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Asked about the challenges of making a biopic, Kapur said, "I think producing any film is never easy because there are always different considerations when it comes to different movies and especially in a biopic, because you have to be true to the life of a person and you can't take liberty in making something completely different from his actual life.

He further added, "It also gives you a chance to be able to tell a true story of heroism. There are lots of unsung heroes that we have in our country who deserve a biopic on their life. There are many heroes in India other than those in sports, cinema, and politics. So, we should look at a lot of inspirations when it comes to movies that you want to make."

On the trend of biopics in Hindi cinema, Kapur said, "I think it's always important to see the quality of a film. So, regardless of whether it's a biopic or a horror film or a comedy film or an action film, if it is a good film, it is going to run. So, I don't think that there is a trend of biopics, but yes, there have been many successful ones of late, and very often people tend to gravitate towards making those films much more."