We are totally crushing on Taimur Ali Khan's summer hairdo - the 'man' bun

We should offer a disclaimer here - these ridiculously cute pictures of Taimur Ali Khan will make you smile! Here, as we prepare to dive into a weekend of cozy naps, no work zone, delicious meals and some chill, baby TIM decided to make an easy transfer for us in that blissful mode with his adorbs-soaked looks. (yeah, we just made up that word, cuz, Taimur)

Those pinch-able cheeks, innocence-filled eyes, the puff and oh, the 'man' bun - his summer hairdo are just way to delightful and endearing to be missed!

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Somebody put this face on a greeting card already, so much gorgeousness!

Kareena, we need to talk about how your son does all those angles though.

Taimur is Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan's first child, born in December 2016. The munchkin has been paparazzi's darling ever since birth and continues to dominate headlines. In the words of his superstar mother, 'he is the most gorgeous man on this side of the earth.'