What move? Sonam has been shuttling between Mumbai and London since the past two years

Recently Alia Bhatt had pointed out that Sonam Kapoor and Anushka Sharma gave her hope that now actresses can get married at a young age and still continue to have a successful and fulfilling career.

At Cannes, the newly married Sonam touched upon the same topic, adding that she hoped to set an example with her decision. She pointed out that despite many actresses like Kajol, Dimple Kapadia and Madhuri Dixit working after married, the change in thinking is yet to set in. “Many actresses worked post marriage, but I am not sure that change is as evident yet. I hope to have set an example by coming straight out of my wedding to work. Women should always have the choice to work or not.”


Sonam, who flew to Cannes to fulfil her professional commitments just days after she tied the knot on May 8, added that Indian women work and stand up for what they believe in. While strongly believing in the institution of marriage, Sonam is rankled by the idea that a woman’s professional life must be placed on the backburner post marriage. “Life remains the same after tying the knot. Women need to stop thinking that marriage is life-altering. If it doesn't change a man's life, why should it change anything for a woman?”

Asked whether Anand liked her recent Ralph & Russo ensemble on the red carpet, which were complemented by her henna-decorated hands, she reveals that Anand loved what she wore. She goes on to add, “I have always worn things that I want to wear. I never spare a thought about what others think of it. It's the attitude you carry it with that matters.”

Tackling rumours about her moving to London, she has jaws dropping as she reveals that she has been shuttling between Mumbai and London for the past two years. “It seems no one noticed this so far. My life isn't going to change much; what has been happening for the past two years will continue,” she repeats.

We get that now!