Sonam - Anand reception: Salman, Shah Rukh dance like there's no tomorrow to Tan Tana Tan, Jaanam Samjha Karo


Yes, it happened! Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan combined their formidable forces and star power to put on some stellar performances at Sonam Kapoor - Anand Ahuja's wedding reception. The Karan - Arjun of Bollywood danced like there's no tomorrow, but we ain't complaining.

They made an entry, looking suave and dapper in expensive suits only to ditch them later. Before you jump the gun, the superstars only got rid of the overcoats, it's summers okay... Besides, who would want to miss the chance of witnessing the aura of these two handsome men? You have all our envy, Sonam Kapoor.



Love these videos, thank Sonam, not us.