Priyanka tells Jimmy Fallon she got scammed into talking about the Royal Wedding


On The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, the host - Jimmy Fallon - took the bull by the horns, so to speak. Fallon spoke for all of us when he said, “I will ask you about a bunch of things but I want to hear about the royal wedding.” He added that he knew her guest for the day, Priyanka Chopra, didn’t want to talk about it. A smiling PeeCee interrupted to say, “Listen, I got scammed into it, actually. I was doing like a whole bunch of promos because Quantico premieres tomorrow – ta-ting!”

Priyanka left Jimmy laughing and remarked, “That was so subtle!” She grinned back, “I’m really good at subtlety.” Some more jokes and then she continued, “But while I was doing promo for that, I got scammed into it. Because everyone was like, ‘Do you know what you’re wearing for the next month? You have all these events’. And I was like, ‘I’m trying to figure it out’. So I sort of may have got a little scammed. But, you know, more than anything – forget attending or not – I’m just really happy for a friend of mine. Like, it’s a big day for your friend and you should be happy about it.”

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Asked about where she and Meghan met, she revealed, “We met at Elle actually, at Elle’s women for TV dinner like, three, four years ago. And Meghan and I just sort of got on really well. And we were both filming in Canada at the same time, and we just met and chatted.”

She also shared that it was during the first season of Quantico, while the successive seasons have been in New York. “This year we’ve actually gone super global,” she pointed out, adding, “We’ve shot in Italy, we’ve shot in Ireland, we’ve shot in New York. We’re like incorporating countries around the world into the show.”

When Jimmy asked if she speaks other languages, she has everyone chuckling as she responded, “I can pretend to speak other languages really well.” To prove her point, she brought out her best Italian accent, drawling, “Buongiorno! Arrivederci! Al Pacino! Italiano!” It’s guffaw time for both, as she also shows off how she learned to say ‘B**** please!’ from actress Marlee Matlin in sign language!

Priyanka is gonna charm the Royals at the big fat wedding, we predict.

Check out the video: