BFFs With Vogue: Mira teased Shahid about being a control freak in bed & lot more!


The finale episode of BFFs with Vogue Season 2 witnessed some zingy chemistry between BFFs and the happily-married couple, Shahid Kapoor and wife Mira Rajput! Here’s what we loved most…

Mira set the ball rolling immediately, as Neha asked which one of them would like to sit closer to her. “Well, Shahid is known to be the womaniser…” she quipped naughtily!

In one of the segments called Spinning Charades, BFFs with Vogue host Neha asked Mira about which celebrity she would date if she was single. Now, the answer to the questions in this segment had to be enacted, so even before Mira could answer, Shahid had responded! Mira did have an option to choose Shahid, but she was still attempting to act out the name. Shahid came to the rescue and quipped that he was none other than Sidharth Malhotra, adding, “He’s from Delhi!”

Asked if he has ever fallen for a co-star, Shahid did not even have a second to respond – Mira had butted in to say, “Actually, you should change that question to how many.”

And has Shahid been cheated ever? Well here's the *burn* answer:

Mira even gave out details about their love life! “His favourite position in bed? Well I think he’s a control freak. He likes telling me what to do.”

She also declared Shandaar as her husband’s worst film. “He’s never been bad in a film… but I think Shandaar.” At this point, Shahid honestly adds, “No, I have been bad. You haven’t seen all of my films…thankfully!”

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Mira is not impressed by the whole fake BFF culture either. Asked who in the industry appears to be fake BFFs, she responded, “Most of them. Everyone is everybody’s Insta BFF!” she jibed. “There are a couple of people who come on everyone’s Instas and are everyone’s BFFs. Come on!” she all but rolled her eyes.

Shahid impressed us no less with his candidness. Sharing the best acting advice he has ever received, he shared, “A bit of advice that actually worked was when a friend told me a few years ago, ‘You know Shahid, can you just take the stick out of your ass’!”