Did Mira just call huuby Shahid boring?


‘BFFs with Vogue’ is the place where embarrassing secrets and not-so-nice judgements are being passed… no wonder we love it!  The finale episode brings Shahid Kapoor and his bestie and wife Mira Rajput together on the show. And yes, the show will evidently not disappoint this time either…

Going by the promos released, the chemistry between these two is just crackling! We spot Mira happily dropping a few bombs… Asked about which celebrity is a bore at parties, and she immediately names her hubby dearest!

She also seemed more than happy to discuss his past love life. When Shahid was asked whether a woman had ever cheated on him, Mira was quick to interrupt saying, “Ask how many!” At this, Shahid admitted, “I am sure of one cheating on me, and have doubts about another one!”


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We can’t wait to see if he will also speak about any he might have cheated on. After all, back in the day our Shasha was linked with practically every co-star he worked with. After his relationship with Kareena Kapoor ended, he had allegedly dated Vidya Balan, Priyanka Chopra and Sonakshi Sinha as well.

Incidentally, last year Shahid had maintained in an interview that Mira had turned him into a ‘domestic animal’! Speaking about the changes that Mira brought into his life in recent years, he had said, “She has changed my life completely. She has turned me into a domestic animal. Earlier, I used to be a wild animal running around in the open fields. Now I am leading a disciplined life – there’s definite time to eat, sleep and work.”

He had also opened up about the reasons he loves Mira… “That she gave me Misha. Also, she’s a balanced personality, her intent is always positive. She wants to do good for all and thinks from everyone’s point of view. It’s nice when someone gives you a refreshing perspective. In many ways, she’s more mature than I am.”

Well, she’s a great deal more outspoken too!