Amitabh finds Brahmastra look test a joy


Three dudes from two generations, talking intense – movies are the great leveller in the best way possible!  Yesterday, Amitabh Bachchan shared a picture that shows him, Ranbir Kapoor and Ayan Mukerji from their look test for Brahmastra. Missing in the frame was Alia Bhatt, who is also part of this fantasy adventure trilogy.
“Ranbir Kapoor, Ayan and yours truly at look test for BRAHMASTRA .. cool .. shoot starts next month .. with Alia too .. a joy to be with this incredible young generation..” Bachchan shared on Instagram.

Buzz is already high around this Dharma production which will start filming in March. It has been announced as one of Dharma Productions’ “most ambitious films”. No expense is being spared and the results are expected to be worth every penny of that Rs.150+ crore budget. Karan had apparently asked the team not to worry about the budget, as a superhero film needs a mounting of a certain stature.


Brahmastra will mark a journey into ‘the realm of fantasy adventure’ and yet stay rooted within the Indian cultural heritage. The title itself signifies the powerful weapon created by Brahma in mythology. As Ayan had described it, “This film is a modern day film. It is set in India as it exists today but the name of the film is Brahmastra because the energy, wisdom and powers in the film come from ancient India. As far as costumes are concerned, there are some which may not be the way you would expect them to be.”
While the film will be shot the regular way, it will then undergo a cutting-edge conversion process to be converted into 3D. This would ensure visual effects that should be nothing short of spectacular.

Co-produced by Fox Star Studios and Namit Malhotra, it had been revealed that the aspiration is to create something home-grown that can match Hollywood standards. Brahmastra has the makings of an epic already, with the film being planned as a trilogy. The series will progress from establishing the characters to the protagonist achieving his goal. It is director Ayan Mukherji’s labour of love – he has been completely involved with the film for years now, to the extent of refusing all other directorial offers. Ayan’s vision is expected to strike a chord with everyone, from the ages of six to 60. He already seems to have struck a chord with his choice of casting!