By educating girls, we empower them to feel confident: Sonam Kapoor


Actress Sonam Kapoor believes that educating girls about their bodies is equivalent to empowering them to feel more confident about taking care of themselves."When we educate girls about their bodies and its changes, we empower them to not only take care of themselves but also feel more confident in doing so. When we embolden the youth of our communities, we create a positive change for the future," Sonam said in a statement.

Sonam was here to support the accomplishments of "She's Ambassador" programme by PVR Nest and Mumbai Obstetrics & Gynaecological Society (MOGS) which emphasizes on promoting quality healthcare inclusive of education and safe practices amongst young girls; enabling them to build resilient communities ensuring a life of dignity for all.

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"'She's Ambassador' initiative has not only empowered but inspired these young girls and made them self-aware, confident, equipping them to take full charge of their own development and become a role model for thousand others," she added.

The initiative was also supported by producer-author-entrepreneur Twinkle Khanna and politician Priya Dutt.

The programme included knowledge sessions, new age counseling sessions with multi-sectored influencers, film-making workshops and project-based learning on nutrition and fitness, menstrual health and hygiene, communicable and non-communicable diseases, sanitation and cleanliness and mental health and well-being.