Caution: Don’t go asking Kangana, Sonam when they will wed!


The rumours have been flowing fast and thick about Sonam Kapoor’s March wedding in royal Rajasthan. She was even reportedly spotted jewellery shopping with her future mother-in-law in Kolkata. But better not to mention any of this to the feisty girl. It may be a fallout of the Anushka Sharma-Virat Kohli wedding in Italy, but Sonam is not at all amused about all the speculation surrounding her supposed marriage to beau Anand Ahuja.
Asked about her marital plans, she retorted, “Why are actresses asked more about their personal lives? Is anyone asking Ranbir Kapoor or Ranveer Singh when they are getting married?” We’re just grinning because she hasn’t denied it either, right?!

Interestingly, while having zero qualms about sharing her PDA on social media, Sonam has stopped short of talking about Ahuja. “Nobody has the right to access my personal life. This one part has to be in my control. I am ready to talk about me, but there is another person involved here and I need to respect him… I will share whatever I have to share and that is with my filter.”

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Similarly, Kangana Ranaut was happy enough to share her take on love during her appearance on ‘India's Next Superstars’. She replied to a question about her love story with the mischievous, “Mere ishq ke kisse toh saare newspapers mein likhe gaye hain!” She even went on to recite a poem which she had penned when she was in love... "Ishq ki aankhon mein khuda dekha hai humne, na woh roshni thi na andhera, na jaane kaunsa manzar dekha hai humne," she delivered with aplomb.

However, mention marriage and she freezes up immediately. “I don’t know why our society wants women to marry by the age of 30. It is very unfortunate. I am not getting married anytime soon and I am not even 30.”

Guess it’s simply a matter of the right man asking, eh, Kangana?