Evil Cometh: Anushka’s Pari poster is freaking us out!


The new poster released of Pari gives us our first proper look of the force that evidently haunts Anushka. And it is not a pretty sight. A menacing smile on the entity’s face as it stands, swathed in black, close behind Anushka. Its long green-tinged fingers rest possessively on her shoulders. The element of surprise lies in Anushka’s expression: we see no fear here, just a straight challenging glare thrown from her light eyes, and the determined set of her chin, framed by her dishevelled hair. No, these are not entities you would want to run into on a quiet street!

This comes on the heels of the teaser of the film which Anushka released with a cheekily misleading comment, “Sweet dreams guys…” The 18-second clip starts off with Anushka’s haunting stare and scarred face staring straight at you. Within seconds, the bruises and blood streaks inexplicably manifest on her visage, leaving it lacerated and gruesome. She continues to stoically stare straight ahead, out of eyes that are bloodshot and gory…


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Pari, not a fairytale,” reads the tagline – not that we need to be told that! Pari has all the looks of a great horror film, though there are sources who claim that she isn’t a ghost but a victim of abuse in the film. It has also been suggested that she portrays the character of a witch. Whatever it is, we are sure there are lots more chilling events in store!

“At Clean Slate, our endeavour is to tell stories that are not only meaningful and different, but also push the boundaries. This film, a new journey, is yet another step in that direction,” is all she has said so far about Pari.” On signing the film, she had declared, “Pari is a great script, and I have complete faith in the vision of the director as well as this collaboration with KriArj Entertainment.”

Pari is her third production by Clean Slate Films which is owned by her and brother Karnesh Sharma. Her earlier productions have also presented strong female characters set against issues that plague Indian society. While NH10 tackled honour killings, Phillauri targeted superstitions. Pari will most likely make its own statement about another unpleasant reality. …And make it real hard!