Dancing with AbRam, cake-smearing with 100 kids: How SRK celebrated…


“A madly happily childly dance for Aryan and Suhana by lil AbRam, on this day of kids.” And with that, Shah Rukh shared a video of the most adorable jig by his youngest (and absolutely cutest!) kid. Clad in a cool checked shirt and black pants, the tot is evidently accompanied by his dishy dad, also in black, as they beat down hard on the wooden tiles and do their version of a stomp dance – ‘tap-dance’ just wouldn’t cover it!


That was just a teeny part of the superstar’s Children’s Day celebrations. There was much more in store as “Over a hundred beautiful souls from the Spark a Change Foundation dropped in to visit me on set! Best #ChildrensDay ever...”


The kids got a chance to watch the star in action as he shot for Aanand L Rai’s film for an hour, and then it was mad fun all the way. The kids, who hail from deprived backgrounds, had the time of their life as they romped, squealed, shook a leg with the superstar – they jived to the song ‘Tukur Tukur’ from Dilwale, ‘Jabra Fan’ from Fan and more. Even better, they had a blast smearing cake all over his happy face!

SRK shared glimpses of the fun, via images and videos, which he captioned, “Reliving my childhood this #ChildrensDay! The babies taught me a step or two...”, and “Had my cake and ate it too... #ChildrensDay”.


A few days ago, the superstar, who is first and foremost a doting dad, had shared a collage of images of his children, captioning the picture: “My three vices in pictures: Grace, Style and Playfulness.”


Recently we had got a glimpse into his parenting mantras, when he revealed that he is not very inquisitive about people’s lives, including his children’s. “If they want something, they will just give me a call. Sometimes, they talk about their personal lives, but I know they limit what they tell me. It’s about aankh ki sharam. I don’t pry too deeply. I see the mom (Gauri) and the kids talking, and she asks some really pointed questions, and I’m like, ‘How can you ask them this?’ I don’t ask anyone questions about their life — whether it’s my children or anyone else. I don’t like being pried on either. I can tell you a lot of generic things about myself, but my personal feelings are extremely private. So, I assume the same about others, my children even more because they would have the same structure of DNA that I have. But they do come and ask me things, sometimes about studies and sometimes some really strange things about life. Otherwise, I give them the same kind of advice like my character in Dear Zindagi. Suhana keeps telling me that sometimes I speak a lot so I am like, ‘Yeah, thank you.’”

Excuse us as we take a minute to control that loopy grin SRK invariably brings to our face…