Hrithik will smile but no questions please! Avoids Q&A


Hrithik Roshan is still managing to play the silent, dignified card and has not stooped to trading dirty linen with his alleged ex, Kangana Ranaut. Fuming as he must be within, he has nevertheless studiously avoided any urge to release a well-worded media byte, or slap another lawsuit, and risk giving the matter greater attention. And it does seem to be the best option yet. Kangana has not exactly won accolades for raking up the same old issue of her affair-gone-wrong with Hrithik. In fact, her ‘sensational’ expose of a matter, that she had already exposed last year, has been seen by many as a pre-release, publicity-driven tactic for Simran. What’s more, she could actually have lost some of the admiration and sympathy these revelations had generated when she had originally made them.

Simran has not exactly set the box office on fire, Kangana isn’t doling out sensational quotes any longer, and interest appears to have died down. Hrithik, however, doesn’t seem in any mood to risk it. Still apparently fearful of a barrage of possible questions from pesky media, Hrithik has been putting his protection in place. So while he agreed to walk the ramp as the show-stopper for designer Nikhil Thampi, and even flashed his best smile for the cluster of cameras, he had ensured that his diktat sent to the organizers was adhered to: no media questions!

Apparently, Hrithik had let it be known that he would attend the event only if there was no Q&A session to follow. The waiting media were instructed to keep their distance – and uncomfortable questions – from him.

For those longing to hear his response to Ms Ranaut’s revelations, including her demand on national television for a public apology from him and his father, it might never come. The actor has evidently realized that nothing kills buzz faster than tightly zipped lips, and we really can’t fault him on that one!