PeepingMoon Exclusive: What’s the truth about the Pearl Puri-POCSO case? Has the popular TV actor done it before?


What’s the truth about the Pearl Puri-POCSO Act case? Is it true that the popular TV actor is a habitual offender? And that Tellyland knows about this? But this is the first time he’s been caught? Is it also true that this case was being suppressed by a leading production house? And would not have come out had a magistrate of the Family Court hearing the divorce case being acrimoniously fought between the victim’s parents not learned about it and ordered police action? Those are the latest rumours that has exclusively come to hear.

Puri has been arrested under the stringent POCSO Act and is in police custody. He is reportedly being charged of rape. The victim is the minor daughter of an actress with whom he worked in a popular TV show. The incident reportedly happened in 2019 when the victim was five. Her father is believed to have filed a complaint against Puri in the Versova Police Station on September 23, 2019. The case was transferred to Waliv Police Station in Naigaon because that’s where the alleged crime was committed during a TV serial shoot.

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It is believed that attempts were made to hush up the incident. Maybe because it involved a famous TV actor and the show of a big production house. Whatever be the case, the victim’s mother (Puri’s co-star in the show) never took it further for reasons of her own. People say she was coerced and made to think of her career. Others think she was threatened. No matter, the daughter confided the incident to her and the mother reportedly left it at that. So the little girl told her father.

It didn’t help matters that the parents are seeking legal separation in court. Maybe it did because the Family Court magistrate heard about the incident and pressed for redressal. In the interim it is believed that father angrily tried to confront Puri and the producer of the show but was threatened with legal action. The police will question all those working on the show and expressing support and talking about the incident from Monday. Puri has been arrested under the POCSO (Prevention of Children from Sexual Offences) Act that promises speedy trials for sexual abuse of children in designated special courts.