CDR Scam Update: Bombay HC orders release of lawyer Rizwan Siddiqui before 5 pm


CDR Case Timeline Updates:
1:20pm: "Bombay HC orders release of lawyer Rizwan Siddiqui before 5 pm"

The mudslinging in the CDR Case is getting murkier with each passing day. On Tuesday, The Bombay High Court directed the state government to produce all records of the arrest of advocate Rizwan Siddiqui, accused of illegally possessing the Call Detail Records (CDR) of actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s wife.

Reportedly, Rizwan’s wife Tasneem has filed a habeas corpus petition in the HC challenging the manner of his arrest. He was arrested by the Thane police last week for having ordered the illegal procurement of the CDR of actor Nawazuddin’s Siddiqui’s wife.

In the plea, Tasneem has claimed that Rizwan had received a Witness Summon from the Thane Crime Branch Unit 1 on February 14. However, on March 16, the Thane crime branch officials came to his office and, while recording the statement, arrested him without giving him any notice under Section 41(A) of the CrPC.

The state, which is the prosecution in the case, however, told HC that the Thane crime branch had attempted to serve a notice under section 41(A) of the CrPC. Since Rizwan refused to accept the same, he was arrested, the prosecution said. Tasneem’s plea alleged that the Thane police had kept him in wrongful and illegal custody since his arrest.

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For the uninitiated, on Tuesday itself, Deputy Commissioner of police, Thane crime branch, Abhishek Trimukhe revealed that they have recovered a CDRs of actor Sahil Khan during analysis of celebrity advocate Rizwan's mobile and surprisingly they were shared with Rizwan by actor Jackie Shroff's wife, Ayesha Shroff.

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Moreover, during the investigation, it was also revealed that actress Kangana Ranaut had also shared Hrithik Roshan's mobile number with Rizwan in 2016.