Karan Oberoi gets a 14 day judicial custody in rape and extortion case


As per the latest reports, actor Karan Oberoi, who has been accused of raping and extorting a fashion designer cum healer, has now been given 14-day judicial custody. The decision was announced on Thursday at the Andheri Court during his third hearing regarding the case with messages between Karan and the victim acting as the only source of evidence. Karan's lawyer Dinesh Tiwari informed the media that he will be applying for bail on Friday.  

"We are applying for bail tomorrow and our chances of getting bail have increased further," Tiwari was quoted.

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A former Band Of Boys' member and a popular TV actor, Karan's arrest saw a bunch of his television industry friends and co-band mates coming out to support him. A movement called #MenToo was initiated to help men who face the brunt of police custody in such cases. Actress Pooja Bedi, Karan's best friend recalled an incidence when he told her about a woman who was 'completely harassing him, stalking him, intimidating him and threatening him as well,' as she defended him. Apart from Pooja, Sudhanshu Pandey, Sherrin Verghese, Chaitanya Bhosle, Siddharth Haldipur along with Band Of Boys members arrived at the court to be with Karan.

For the unversed, Karan was arrested under sections 376 (rape) and 384 (extortion) of the Indian Penal Code after an FIR was filed in the Andheri Court against him on May 6. According to the police, the Karan allegedly raped the victim on the account of marrying her.

Source: ANI/ FirstPost