November 21, 2017
BB 11: Nov 20 - Vikas is truly the mastermind

If outside the house it's Monday blues for us inside it's nothing less then a hot furnace for housemates, as you know that Monday is the day that brings nominations. The day starts with housemates..... Read More

November 20, 2017
BB 11: Nov 19 - Deepika and Salman Padmavati shenanigans and goof ups!

A lot of you who watched the pretty Deepika Padukone saying on Bigg Boss 11 that Padmavati is releasing on Dec 1, please don't believe it, it seems to be a..... Read More

November 19, 2017
BB 11: ​ ​Nov 18 - Sunny steps in the house, Deepika teases with her Ghoomar act

Salman Khan entered the show in a hassle and even forgot to greet the audience. Wonder if it was the pressure of Deepika Padukone coming on the sets to promote Padmavati,..... Read More

November 18, 2017
BB11: Nov 17 - Hina, Ben set the POOL on fire; Bandgi is the new captain

Remember that famous dialogue from host Salman Khan's MPK, a girl, and a boy can never be just friends, as crappy as it sounds some people always prove these morons..... Read More

November 17, 2017
BB 11: Nov 16 - Three loser’s compete with each other for captaincy

Let me begin by apologizing to a few people first, as I know, me naming the three looser’s might not go down well with a lot of you. I mean,..... Read More

November 16, 2017
BB 11: Nov 15 - Vikas double crosses Luv and Puneesh

After nominations, ​captaincy exposes different shades of relationships in the BB house. The show begins with gossip about Priyank and Benafsha sleeping in the same bed last night. Hiten tells..... Read More

November 15, 2017
BB 11: Nov 15 - Nominations test friendship in the house

Nominations continued in the Bigg Boss 11 house. But before that, the day began with a heated argument between Hiten and Akash. Hiten was upset with Akash for being thankless..... Read More