Chhavi Mittal begins 20 rounds of radiotherapy for breast cancer treatment, says ‘determined to conquer this journey and come out victorious’


Chhavi Mittal, who is in the process of recovering from breast cancer, will soon start 20 rounds of radiotherapy after completing chemotherapy sessions and undergoing a six-hour long surgery. The actress has been sharing her journey on social media to spread awareness. Taking to Instagram on Monday, Chhavi wrote that she has started her radiotherapy session today and has been feeling nervous about its side effects but is determined to come out victorious.

Sharing a reel that showed her depicting multiple emotions, Chhavi wrote, “Just when I started feeling normal, a new journey begins. My radiotherapy starts today and I’ve been told to expect some side effects which I’m not comfortable with. I’ve been asked before by many, if chemo or radiotherapy is the patient’s choice. Well technically you need to sign the consent form… but in all fairness it’s your doctor who decides your line of treatment because he’s the expert. And his focus is on saving your life, not avoiding side effects.”

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She further wrote, “But the side effects of radiation will have to spare me.. coz for me living is not just breathing, it’s breathing with happiness.. and that means that I always wanna feel whole. Thankfully my doctor gets that and he’s holding my hand through this every minute. I’m determined to conquer this journey and come out victorious on the other side. Wish me luck guys… main chali…Fyi, I’ll be given 20 cycles of radiation.. 5 days a week for 4 weeks. #breastcancer.”

Chhavi's friends and fans wished her good luck in the comments section. Neha Swami Bijlani wrote, "All the best.. don’t worry my worrier.. you are way stronger." Shardul Pandit commented, "Yaar tum bahut awesome ho (you are very awesome). just know we are gonna pray. I have seen some close people fight this thing and hence I know what you doing by sharing is so important you are giving courage to so many and we will give it to you."

Chhavi had opened up about her breast cancer diagnosis on April 16 and underwent a surgery in the last week of April. She has returned home post the surgery and resumed work as well.

(Source: Instagram)