Trolls body-shame Rytasha Rathore for latest photoshoot, actress shuts them down saying 'no hate will be tolerated'


Rytasha Rathore is marching ahead towards a better tomorrow by spreading the word about body positivity. The actress, best known for her role in the television serial Bado Bahu, isn't someone who will ignore hate comments and trolls. Recently, Rytasha shared pictures from her bold photoshoot with her friend. Dressed in minimal clothes, the actress promoted self-love and reiterated the fact that good health is more important than how you look. While sharing the pictures on Instagram, Rytasha gave a befitting reply to trolls and haters who slammed her for the photoshoot. 

"Was I scared doing this shoot? Yes. Was I scared when @rosh93 uploaded these? Yes. Do I always love how my body looks? No. Am I doing this for attention? No. Do I hope even one of you is kinder to yourself after seeing this? Yes. Even if one person is changed that is enough for me. By being herself, Rosh has helped me be me. She’s the only person who has looked at my stretch marks and said “they’re so beautiful”. I don’t see the beauty in them but she does. I krieddd when she said that to me. Beauty is more than what’s been sold to you. Good health is more than how you look. PS: Please speak to my doctor before you try to give me health advise coz main toh fit hoon boss - mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Check yoself first. PPS: No hate will be tolerated, you’ll be blocked in ONE SECOND! Kthnxbye," Rytasha wrote. 


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In the past, Rytasha, who was slammed for her bold photoshoots and even body-shammed on social media, has never shied away from hitting back at trolls and hate comments. 

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