Karan Patel shares fan-made video celebrating his 15 years in showbiz, says ‘makes me speechless and humbled’


Karan Patel is one of the most popular actors in television today. The actor has clocked 15 long years in the industry and is still going strong as a leading man when several of his contemporaries have gone into oblivion. He also has a commendable fan following on social media as well.

Now, to mark his 15th year in showbiz, Karan shared a fan made video on Instagram that boasts of his achievements and overcoming various difficulties and setbacks that came his way including an attitude problem.


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Karan shared the video with the caption, “When what you are passionate about turns out to be accepted so widely by many and more importantly a #Fanmily gets built thats #Humbling enough. But when #Love starts to pour in by way of such #Gestures being made for you and towards you, it makes me #Speechless. #ThankYou .. I am humbled and nothing i say further will ever justify the amount of #Respect #Love and #appreciation i have for you as my #FANmily #IamBecauseYouAre #kp #kpians.”

(Source: Instagram)