Kamya Panjabi says 'words like divorce and separation are used as abuse in our society', gushes that she is happily re-married


Kamya Panjabi has time and again proven to be a woman who never shies away from standing up against injustice and supporting the truth. Be it her journey into the industry, personal life or unfair practices in showbiz, she has been fearless. Talking about the mentality of the society, Kamya, in an interview with a leading daily, held a mirror to the harsh reality that terms like divorce and separation are used as abuse.  She further highlighted that though times have changed, whenever a single parent or a divorced person wants to start afresh, they are trolled and receive no support from society. 

"I’m trolled on social media that ‘in our families, separation and divorce doesn’t take place’ ‘Divorce is a very painful word, bhagwaan na kare kisi ke saath ho’. Our society uses that word as abuse. If someone is divorced or a single parent, or wants to start a new life, they will get trolled, and people will not support them," Kamya told.


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Kamya, 41, is now married to Shalabh Dang. She is leading a happy and content family life with her daughter Aara, Shalabh and his son Ishan. Shedding light on how she handles trolls and doesn't allow naysayers to disrupt her peaceful life, Kamya said, "It makes me stronger. See where I am today, and the kind of work I am doing. I raised my voice, darr ke nahi baithi ‘Oh, I can’t start my life again, or I can’t marry again’. I did that with a very nice man, I am happy. I didn’t think that I am a woman, so I can’t speak, or I will get trolled if I do."

The actress further said that a lot of people from the industry hesitate in putting their point forth due to the fear of trolling. "I have seen a lot of people, who don’t raise their voice, and I am talking about celebs. ‘Chhodo, kaun bolega’, they think like this. This is how we have been brought up, we run away from things," she added. 

(Source: Hindustan Times)