Mahhi Vij put on weight during pregnancy so she got trolled, I did not but even then I got hate: Smriti Khanna


Smriti Khanna left everyone stunned with her transformation in just six days after giving birth to her baby girl. While several fans and friends from the industry praised the actress, there was a certain section on the internet that trolled her mercilessly for paying attention to her body more than her newborn child. Recently, the actress opened up about how she dealt with trolling and the mean comments she received from haters.

"I think any mother whether she has put on weight or not, haters will put negative comments on her post. I have friends in the industry like Mahhi Vij and all who put on weight during pregnancy so they got trolled and I did not put on weight that much even then I was trolled. The trolls started getting personal and they told me that I don't care about my baby. They thought I had started working out and dieting. I had to put an entire video clearing that I have not done anything for my transformation. Maybe my body is such that I did not take time to get back to being closer to my previous weight. I haven't started with my workouts, of course I go for walk and eat healthy. I am doing a little bit of yoga which is allowed. It's not like I started working out from the next day of my delivery. Anyways nobody is allowed to go to the gym right now due to the lockdown. I also know for six weeks after delivery you can't workout. Everybody's body type, metabolism is different. My body is such that I lose weight very easily. I gain limited weight during my pregnancy. I was not dieting either. I consulted my doctors, read books and did online research. I was doing everything in a healthy way. I was not doing anything to make myself or my baby suffer. When she was born she was healthy. Her weight was also perfect and everything was under control. She is in fact putting on a little bit of more weight that what she was actually supposed to. She is healthy and that's what matter's to us. I have realised after a point that you can't do much because haters will hate you," said Smriti.

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Smriti, who gave birth to her first baby on April 15, stated that people don't discuss weight issues and women dealing with postpartum depression which is actually a matter of concern, "I have realized that even if you speak well on social media and educate people about pregnancy and motherhood, haters will still troll you. People don't discuss pregnancy, weight issues, breastfeeding and I feel these topics should come out openly in our society because there are so many myths and women struggle all their life to lose weight. There are so many times that this becomes a matter of depression for them. They stop going out because they are not looking a certain way or not fitting into their dress. Some women are scared to get pregnant. There is postpartum depression and it is a big thing and it is not spoken in India," she said.

The actress is happy that even though there are a few people who wrote mean comments against her, there are many who have been showering love and blessings on her kid, "There are so many girls and mother's who have messaged me saying thank you for making pregnancy look so smooth and nice. They tell me they were scared to get pregnant thinking that their body would look a certain way or they will completely go on bed rest. Now they feel that pregnancy can be a fun ride too. There were 10 percent people who had problems with everything but there will be 90 percent people who were giving blessings to me and my kid which made me feel great. I am just trying to say to my fans that you can do everything in a fit way. People start assuming that agar koi patla hai... toh usne diet shuru kar diya and usko khayal nahi hai bacche ka. If someone gets pregnant, they ask the woman to just be on bed and eat double no all these are myths. These are wrong things to do, I am just saying be active during and after your pregnancy. So I just realised I should not bother about getting trolled, I will continue to spread positivity," concluded Smriti.

(Source: Bombay Times)