OMG! Kiku Sharda charged Rs 78,650 for a cup of tea and cappuccino on his vacation, but the actor is not stressed


TV actor and comedian Kiku Sharda took a welcome break and vacationed in Bali. The actor shared a picture of a hotel bill from Bali where he was billed Rs 78,650 for a cup of tea and cappuccino. However, before you jump the gun and make a hue-and-cry about wrong bill amount, Kiku himself cleared the air and stated that the bill was generated in Indonesian rupiah which converts to Rs 400 in Indian rupee.

 Kiku shared the picture of the bill with a note that said, “My bill for 1 cappuccino and 1 tea is 78,650/- ,,,,,,, but I am not complaining as I am in Bali, Indonesia and this amount in their currency converts to? 400/- in Indian currency #mehengaayee."

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It seemed as if the comedian was taking a sly dig at Rahul Bose who had shared a similar exorbitant bill amount for two bananas. He was charged Rs 442 at a five-star hotel in Chandigarh which went viral on social media and stated a meme fest on the internet. 


Until next time #Bali

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Kiku also shared a breathtaking view from his flight while returning back from Bali. It has become a common practice of celebs to share their travel stories on social media which keeps their fans engaged.

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