Kapil does not have Preeti’s name written on hand: Denial comes in from the Sharma camp


The Kapil Sharma Show has us hooked – and we do mean the real life version, of course. In the midst of allegations and counter-allegations between Kapil’s supposed friends and his ex-manager Preeti Simoes and her sister, now his old colleague Ali Asgar enters the fray.
The actor-comedian has spoken out to a leading news channel about his recent meeting with Kapil, who is supposedly suffering from depression.

Ali shared, “I heard Kapil is in depression, I felt very bad. We all are with Kapil and will always be there for him. Preeti also called me that Kapil is not well and has apparently not even left his room for days.” He recounted, “When I reached his office, Kapil was lying down. He was close to tears when he saw me and could not even speak. It is clear that he is missing all of us, especially Preeti. He is like a child who wants something but is not able to articulate it.”

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Another key detail was spilled by Ali – that Kapil had supposedly written Preeti Simoes' name on his hand.
That was straight out of some B-grade love drama but here’s another twist in the tale. Kapil’s spokesperson has come out to deny all Ali's claims about Preeti Simoes. The statement reads, "As a part of Mr. Kapil Sharma’s team, we would like to emphasise that recent stories doing the rounds that Mr. Sharma has met Mr. Ali Asgar and has written Ms Preeti Simoes name on his hand are completely false. We are equally shocked to hear about this ourselves and are surprised that Mr. Asgar, whom Mr. Sharma has always considered a friend, would make such hurtful statements. In fact, Mr. Sharma and his fiancee, Ginni are currently travelling together. We request the media to reach out to us to ensure our views are represented and the truth is brought to light.”

The mystery deepens and how! Recently, Rajiev Dhingra, a friend of Kapil’s had alleged that as soon as Preeti learnt that Kapil would be marrying his girlfriend Ginni Chatrath, she vowed to destroy him. Preeti on the other hand maintains that it was probably Ginni who is not comfortable about Kapil working with her.

Either way, this ‘reality show’ is providing a lot more twists and turns than Kapil’s onscreen ‘Family Time With Kapil’ could hope to.