Simoes sisters send message from the heart but is Kapil Sharma listening?


The allegations and counter-allegations in the Kapil Sharma case get murkier. The comedian and TV host apparently experienced a meltdown on Friday, when he posted a series of unsavoury tweets. He also had a face-off with a journalist over the phone, resulting in both parties filing cases against each other. Then Kapil’s friend Rajiev Dhingra, who also directed his film Firangi, came out to allege that the entire fracas has been engineered by Preeti Simoes, who was the creative director of Kapil Sharma Show and Comedy Nights With Kapil, and was reportedly also dating him.

Dhingra, along with a few other friends of Kapil, had alleged that Preeti and her sister Neeti were “responsible for driving Kapil into depression”. Dhingra maintained, “As soon as she learnt that he was marrying his girlfriend Ginni (Chatrath), she vowed to destroy him and turn his friends against him. All the controversies in Kapil’s life happened only in the last one year after Preeti vowed to destroy him.”

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Kapil himself tweeted, “Some people just want to defame you for few bucks but it will take ages to make a stand against the wrong.. I shall do it today n forever..” He alleged that the Simoes sisters had tried to extort Rs.25 lakh from him.

On her part, Preeti maintained, “I am hoping it’s not Kapil who has posted these tweets. The Kapil I know is a very intelligent, bright, young and dynamic man. It’s most certainly his girlfriend Ginni Chatrath or maybe some friend, who is using his phone and doing all this.”

Now her sister, Neeti Simoes joins in posting ‘A message for u from the heart’ for Kapil. She starts off saying that they could have responded by making their own accusations or by sending a defamation notice via their legal team. In her tweet, she mentions that due to pressures which he shared with them, he disappeared and there was no way to contact him and help him. “I am very sure that whatever you have said and accused us of has been under the influence of alcohol and of people around you,” writes Neeti.

She extends a helping hand to the troubled actor on behalf of her family. “We would like to meet and help you – in the presence of the media/ police/ our legal teams (only to avoid further false allegations and miscommunications).”

Somehow we don’t see her ‘message from the heart’ touching Kapil’s heart…