“Family will lose him if they don’t do anything”, ex-girlfriend Preeti Simoes open up about Kapil’s condition


Comedian Kapil Sharma is back in the news again for his yet another Twitter rant. This time after ranting and abusing an editor of a web portal he even filed a police complaint against the editor and his former managers Preeti Simoes and Neeti Simoes. Kapil claims that the managers misrepresented him. He also called them ‘privy to his personal life’.

For the uninitiated, Preeti and Kapil were dating before the couple parted ways two years back.

Amidst all this, Preeti Simoes spoke to PeepingMoon.Com. She said, “I really don’t know what he’s tweeting and saying. But I am very worried about his mental health. And his family should actually take care of him right now. Because they do not understand that this is not normal what Kapil is going through.”


On his behaviour

I have been associated with Kapil for eight years. And I have never seen him in such a position. I have seen his health and especially his mental health deteriorating from the past one year. They may be blaming external forces but I don’t think that is it. Because he has reached out to us many times to help him and those are probably his normal days where he is in his senses. But most cases and people that work with him are saying that he is not in his senses and it clearly shows with the way he is tweeting.

So instead of making a tamasha out of this poor guy’s life, I think what the family should do is take care of him mentally or they will lose him. Because he is completely a maniac, depressed person and they need to take care of him.

On the complaint

If this is a legal thing then we will take care of it, the way we have to. Because we have enough proof; messages from Kapil that shows he is being tortured by the people that he is with. And it has nothing to do with Neeti, me or anybody else for that matter.  But I genuinely hope it doesn’t reach that state. And I am praying for him and his family to finally open his eyes and realize what situation they have put their son in because obviously he is suffering, and they do not understand.

From the recording that I heard yesterday and the tweets that I was reading, it’s not his normal behaviour. Why aren’t people understanding that? He is India’s legend. I have no clue who Gurjot is! I have known Kapil for eight years and I have known every minute of his life, and I have never seen this man Gurjot.

About the situation

Please use your platform. Let his mother, sister and whoever possible, please help him. What is it that is causing so much mental trauma? And genuinely that’s got nothing to do with articles.

On collaborating again

The entire team has messaged him and met him many times and told him that we would love to work for him. He knows we’re not against him. The channel knows we’re not against him. We have spoken to him and told him we want to come back in his life. From highest to the lowest level we’ve all wished him well.

Whatever we have heard about news leakage, I don’t think that is true. Because if there is a fight or the shoot cancels, it is happening in front of the world, on a public platform. So I don’t know what is upsetting him and what they are filling in his ears because obviously, he is not mentally strong.

On his condition:

Char logo ke beech me jo uske bolte hai, who bechara who bolta hai aur fir woh realise karta hai aur sorry bolta hai. (Whatever the people around him tell him, he goes out and says and later when he realizes, he apologizes.)

But it’s a pattern he is not well. He is not leaving his room for days. If he was happy in his life and with personal decisions, would he do all of it? His so-called ‘ex-girlfriend’ or whatever you want to call me, why would he drop me so many texts and calls if all was good? He has been saying out loud, ‘Help me out I’m suffering’. Why can’t his family see this? Why are they silent?

Preeti served as Kapil’s manager and the head of the production in his home-production company K9. They collaborated on the shows Comedy Nights with Kapil and The Kapil Sharma Show, both of which were massive hits. Kapil’s latest show Family Time with Kapil did not create the same magic as his previous shows. Surprisingly, the controversy emerged on the same day as his once a co-actor and now an arch-rival, Sunil Grover begins shooting for the new show. This show will be produced by Preeti.