Kapil Sharma embroils himself in another Twitter controversy, abuses journalist over ‘fake news’


Once again, ace comedian Kapil Sharma has landed himself in another controversy. This fresh controversy started after he posted a series of tweets on the online public portal abusing one particular media journalist.  These tweets were full of rage and foul language, which were later deleted.

Few minutes after the tweets were deleted; there comes another one saying, Kapil’s account was hacked, sorry for the inconvenience. Surprisingly, the following tweet mentioned that the comedians’ team deleted the previous tweets. He said, “Maine jo b likha tha apne dil se likha tha…it was my team who deleted my tweets… But main is kutte bikaayu reporter se darne wala nahi hu… he can write anything for anybody just for few bucks. Shameless.”


But, what triggered Kapil to take a step like that? For the past few months, the comedian has garnered attention in the media for all the wrong reasons. From depression to alcoholism to his flop comeback on television, Kapil’s reputation has only been going down.


It seems like he has had enough of name-shaming by people. One of a senior journalist who writes for an online portal was questioned by Kapil Sharma himself. Apparently, the journalist has been writing all the negative stories about Kapil which led the comedian to express his grief and anger through his tweets.

Adding more to it, Kapil even rang up the reporter and gave him a piece of his mind! In the entire conversation between him and the reporter, it could be clearly made out that Kapil was frustrated and found the phone call as a source of venting out. The reporter tried to convince him that there was no personal agenda behind the stories which he had been writing.

However, nothing could stop him. Kapil even went as far as abusing the reporter and his family members. Earlier yesterday, he expressed his sadness following the conviction of Salman Khan in the Blackbuck poaching case. Kapil mentioned how he has seen many royals bragging about killing tigers and other animals. He says Salman wasn’t like one of them; he was a good person who worked for the wellness of others. Kapil even called the system to be ‘ghatiya’.

Later in his tweets, Kapil continued to be abusive against a media houses and said that the press shouldn’t be negative and publish fake news. He also added that if he were to be the Prime Minister, he would have hanged the ones who spread fake news.