The Kapil -Sunil spat is much more than just rumored accusations now


From what we last heard, Sunil Grover accused Kapil Sharmaon twitter for not taking him on board for his upcoming show Family Time With Kapil Sharma. Sunil of Guthi fme also mentioned that he has signed another project which will hit the telly box soon. Apparently, that's dusty drama because now the comedian has accused Sunil Grover of spreading rumours and lying about not getting a call for the former's new show.

Kapil took it to twitter and said, "Paji I called u more then 100 times n came to ur house to meet u twice .. every time u were out for some show n all .. pls don’t spread rumors that I didn’t call u." He further slammed Sunil's accusations by adding, "I know the people who r working behind u .. trust me .. u will get nothing .. take care."

Oooo, looks like the drama just escalated to a whole new level now.

In further banter, the comedians were seen playing thee blame game on twitter that made the scenario worse. Sunil Grover wrote:

To this tweet,Kapil Sharma replied with an equally striking answer, 'The thing is u r smarter then me, u know when n how to play.. n I am a dumb emotional.'

Cut to Kapil’s new show, the decision to bring back Sunil remains with the channel authorities and thus, the actor-comedian doesn’t have as much as a say in this case. But he still claims to have tried to push some button. We don't know what's true and false but we do know that someone isn’t ready to let bygones be bygones.

Meanwhile,rumors have it that Sunil has signed up for something exciting with Bigg Boss 11 winner Shilpa Shinde. Going by an Instagram post shared by Preeti Simoes, the Creative Producer on Comedy Nights with Kapil and The Kapil Sharma Show, he will soon back at doing what he does best – tickle your funny bone!