Karan’s ‘Heavenly’ life irks ex-wife’s fans


Blame it on several severe cases of envy but even Karan Singh Grover must be a little overwhelmed by the outpouring of scorn that rose up to receive his gushing over his good life! Karan is currently holidaying in the UK with wife Bipasha Basu and, in these times of constant social media updates, is also letting his fans know exactly how he is enjoying every moment. So we have been treated to the sight of Karan and Bips all cute and in cuddly mode, across both their social networking accounts.

Their fans are happy for them but the smug satisfaction is beginning to irk more than a few people. Take the image KSG posted of himself sleeping with his head in his wife’s lap, as they drive back after another fantastic day in England. If that was not envy-producing enough, our lad captions it thus - “I mean really! I love my life! Went to the birthplace of Will Shakespeare, went to a magic shop, ate strawberry ice cream, drank hot chocolate topped with marshmallows on the road while listening to live music and now on the way back home sleeping in the most comfortable heavenly cloud!!! Ahhh!!!!!! What more could I ask for? #superlove #monkeylove.”
Soon his happy haze was to be punctured by a flurry of negative barbs, which appear to have been the work of fans of his ex-wife Jennifer Winget. From pointing out that a monkey was holding another langoor, in reference to the fact that both Karan and Bips call each other ‘monkey’, to asking Karan to get more free trips from his wife, the reactions were very far the usual ‘awwww’ types gushing admiration.

  • There were definite allusions to the fact that he is on his third marriage as users pointed out that this would be the third time he was sleeping on a heavenly cloud, and that he shouldn’t have broken his second wife TV actress Jennifer’s heart.
    The most common refrain: that he would soon be saying the same about this fourth wife. Ouch! Better to be a little discreet while sharing glimpses of the good life in future, right KSG!