Bigg Boss 14 Day 54 Highlights: Jasmin Bhasin ends her 8-week long friendship with Rubina Dilaik, says 'saw your real side today'


The first casualty in the Bigg Boss house, as the game heats up, are the relations that the contestants have forged. Friends are seen falling apart and even now husband and wife relations have hit a rocky patch. That’s what is currently happening inside the Bigg Boss house as relationships are facing a major strain.

The latest episode of Bigg Boss 14 showed Jasmin Bhasin locking horns with Rubina Dilaik over the ongoing task inside the house. 

Here are the top 10 highlights from the Day 54 of Bigg Boss 14: 

- The episode began with Nikki Tamboli creating a ruckus as she wanted to sleep inside the bedroom due to high fever. After asking for all of her blankets, Nikki was allowed in as Eijaz Khan felt she had fever and would feel better in bed. 

- Pavitra Punia, Rubina and Abhinav Shukla did not want Nikki to get inside the bedroom. Eijaz and Abhinav even had a showdown over the issue but eventually, Nikki was allowed in to sleep.

- However, after going inside Nikki starting collecting her makeup stuff, making Eijaz, Abhinav and Rubina angry who asked her to leave the sleeping area. Nikki did not want to leave and Abhinav shouted at her. Rubina also began yelling and told Eijaz that she wanted Nikki out of the bedroom. Jasmin also yelled at Abhinav and Aly Goni jumped in to ask why Abhinav was dragging Jasmin in it all. In the end, Nikki did not go out and slept inside, making Rubina's team extremely angry. 

- The next day, Abhinav became a human shield and sat firmly against the door so that Nikki could not get out of the bedroom and go inside the house again. Nikki was seen pushing the door but could not go out.

- Rubina, who was irked by Jasmin and Aly attacking Abhinav, lashed out at Jasmin. She blamed her for talking behind her back and being fake with her. Jasmin did take this laying down and declared that their friendship is over. 

- On being asked by Jasmin to let Nikki go, Rubina fought back saying, “Tumko humko shaitan banana hi hai, demonise karna hi hai (If you want to make us look bad and demonise us), continue doing that.” Rubina then told Jasmin that her sugar-coated way of talking is considered as being ill-mannered.

- Rubina did not want her team to eat or take tea, but when Jasmin asked, Abhinav, Pavitra and Eijaz gave their preferences for tea, irking Rubina. She said she has greater self respect and had an argument with Abhinav over it as well. When Jasmin gave only four paranthas for four people, Rubina started fighting with Abhinav, who in turn fought with Aly and Jasmin.

- Later, Eijaz tried to make Rubina understand that Bigg Boss house was not the place for her personal fights with Abhinav but she refused to understand.

- Abhinav and Rubina had a massive fight over her argument with Jasmin. While Rubina blamed Abhinav for being protective of Jasmin, he said she was not using her own brain. The episode ended with multiple fights between team Rubina and team Jasmin. 

(Source: Colors TV)