Bigg Boss 14 Day 34 Highlights: Jaan Kumar Sanu breaks down after Eijaz Khan insults him in task; Aly Goni asks Jasmin Bhasin to respect 'senior actor Eijaz'


Bigg Boss 14 house was divided into angels and devils for this week’s luxury budget task. With their white ‘Halos’, the angels of the house have a certain demeanor to follow as instructed by Bigg Boss. The Devil’s on the other hand have to be harsh and go all out in order to win the budget task. With an eye on the prize, the Devils take the Angels to task. Eijaz Khan took complete advantage of his powers as part of the Devils and tries to settle his score with Pavitra Punia as well as Jaan Kumar Sanu. As a result, Jaan broke down.

All eyes were on Aly Goni who has entered the house as good friend of Jasmin Bhasin. Their friendship seems to be a threat to other contestants but at the same time the house will test their bond as well as some friction has already taken place between the two.

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Here are the top highlights from the Day 34 of Bigg Boss 14:

-Bigg Boss 14 housemates woke up to the song Bala. Jasmin and Pavitra discuss that EIjaz doesn’t look as if he is in his 40’s. Rahul Vaidya calls Nikki Tamboli to tell her that he needed time and now he wants to talk to her. Nikki was elated with reconciliation with Rahul.

-The luxury budget task had the contestants divided into ‘Angels’ and ‘Devils’. With their white ‘Halos’, the angels of the house have a certain demeanor to follow as instructed by Bigg Boss. The Devil’s on the other hand have to be harsh and go all out in order to win the budget task. The angels were Pavitra Punia, Rubina Dilaik, Abhinav Shukla and Jaan Kumar Sanu, while Eijaz Khan, Aly Goni and Nikki Tamboli were the devils.

-Eijaz abuses his powers as part of the Devil’s team. He tries to settle scores with Jaan and Pavitra. He orders her to take a dig at herself by repeating “Pavitra Puniya ehsaan faramosh hai!” On the other hand, he insults Jaan by asking him to remove his clothes then shave his beard all in front of Nikki, which further agitates Jaan but he sportingly plays the game. Later Eijaz crosses all limits and insults Jaan, he asks Jaan to put his hand in the toilet and wipe it on his shirt. After Eijaz abused Jaan and made fun of him, Jaan lost his cool. He lashed out at him and it lead to a massive fight between the duo.

-After dipping his hand in the toilet, Jaan breaks down but is consoled by Pavitra who asks him to be strong. Later, Jaan cried in front of Jasmin telling her that he treated Eijaz as an elder brother but he did this. He was very upset with Eijaz and asked him not to call him his brother anymore.

-Aly and Jasmin had their first fight in the Bigg Boss 14 house. When Nikki asked Rubina to tear her favourite soft toy, Rubina didn’t destroy it completely, which made Eijaz complain to Aly that Jasmin is a partial sanchalak. Aly lashed out at Jasmin. On the other hand, Jasmin alleged that Aly who was leading the Devils was being inhuman towards the Angels. The duo begins giving each other a cold shoulder until Aly loses his cool and starts to scream at Jasmin for ignoring him.

-After the Angels vs Devils task, Aly calls Jasmin over the landline to have a chat. He tells her to respect Eijaz as he is a very senior actor. He said, “If I am 40 and someone calls me a chhota actor after doing so much work, it’s heartbreaking. I would have broken down. I am actually in tears. I am not telling you this because he is my friend… I am meeting him for the first time so closely. But as an actor, I have respect for a senior actor.” Aly reminds her that during the buzzer task, she was telling Eijaz ‘po**y agayi’. He tells her, “Do whatever you want but never disrespect him. You can slap me also during a task, but don’t disrespect him. Sometime when he is sitting alone, just go and tell him that you are sorry if you have ever spoken anything ill about him.” Jasmin promises Aly that she will not talk ill about Eijaz.

-Devils won the luxury budget task and Jasmin announced that angels were commendable but ‘technically devils won the task'. As the sanchalak she could also have the luxury budget task but she refused to take anything.

-Pavitra wins Dant Rakshak task where housemates had to assign different ingredients of the toothpaste to different housemates of the house. Jasmine and Aly made her the winner. During the task, Nikki and Jaan got into a heated argument when Nikki called him a germ.

-Eijaz and Jaan reconciled at night. They were seen hugging each other after Eijaz apologized to Jaan for misbehaving with him.