Bigg Boss 13: Did Salman Khan’s trusted bodyguard Shera just reveal Sidharth Shukla’s name as the show’s winner?

The countdown to the grand finale of Bigg Boss 13 has already started. After a long and helluva four months where the contestants entertained us the day is near when the winner of Salman Khan’s controversial show will be revealed. Although the contestants have staunch supporters in their fans that are desperately waiting to know the winner, looks like someone has already revealed the big secret. Salman Khan’s bodyguard Shera is the one who has apparently hinted at who is going to win the show.

Apparently, Shera has spilled the beans on who is going to walk away with the coveted trophy and the lucrative prize money. In a social media post that has gone viral, Shera states in an interview that his favourite contestant is Sidharth Shukla and he is ‘unbeatable’. He also said that if he asks the same question to any girl or woman they would also take Sidharth’s name.

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Although his statement was not perfectly clear but given that he has a 25-year-old bond with Salman, it wouldn’t be wrong to deduce that he has definitely given a hint to who is going to win Bigg Boss 13. What are your thoughts on Shera’s pointed hints? Is Sidharth Shukla going to beat everyone and emerge as the winner this season? Watch this space for more updates.

(Source: Instagram)