Bigg Boss 13 Day 124 Preview: Siblings Mahira Sharma-Aakash Sharma and Vishal Singh-Kunal Singh have an ugly fight


Love has taken over the otherwise belligerent Bigg Boss house. Asim is head over heels in love with Himanshi but she appears to be a bit reluctant. Rashami and Vikas notice this and confront Himanshi. They ask her to be clear with her thoughts and have a conversation with Asim.

Vikas feels that Asim's emotions is impacting his game and since she is the only one who he trusts, she should make him understand his priorities. Affected by the conversations, Himanshi opens up to Rashami and reveals that someone close to Asim has asked her not to confess her love to him.

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While everyone in the house is trying to fix each other’s love life, Himanshi takes the lead and reveals the conversation she had with Arhaan outside the house. She says that Arhaan cried and justified his side of the story. He said if Rashami had to be friends with Sidharth after his exit, all his efforts of taking a stand for her went in vain.

Later in the day, an argument breaks out between Vishal, Mahira and Vishal’s brother Kunal. Standing up for his brother, Vishal confronts Mahira and warns her not to misbehave with Kunal. Irked by this, Mahira further provokes Vishal when Kunal makes a comment directed at Mahira’s father. This turns the argument into an ugly battle between Vishal, Kunal, Mahira and Aakash (Mahira’s brother).

How will the stories unfold with new confessions inside and outside the house? Will the house get its new captain this time?

(Source: PeepingMoon)