Bigg Boss 13: 'They should control their emotions,' says Umar Riaz on brother Asim Riaz proposing to Himanshi Khurana


The relationship that Bigg Boss 13 contestant Asim Riaz shares with ex-housemate Himanshi Khurana is no longer a secret. While fans of 'AsiManshi' were in awe of their relationship before the latter got evicted, the makers decided to delight all the viewers by welcoming the Punjabi actress back into the house, but only for a couple of days. Soon, after Himanshi stepped into the house, Asim, naturally, was elated and surprisingly went down on his knees to propose to his lady love. As fans couldn't stop gushing over them, Asim's brother Umar Riaz seemed surprised and shocked. Umar, in an interview with an entertainment portal, told that his brother is too young for marriage and the proposal came out of excitement. He further said that the model should focus on his career. 

"It was very surprising. I knew he will get excited seeing her, but I never expected that he would go down on his knees to propose her for marriage. I think he is too young for marriage but he is not realising that. He has done this out of excitement maybe, but it is just the start of his career which he will surely realise once he comes out of the show. I feel somewhere he has taken Salman Sir's words too seriously because he had told him that Himanshi’s breakup happened because of him. Asim is a sensitive and emotional guy and I think that's why he has gone to this extent for Himanshi," Umar told.


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Umar, when probed about the advice he gave to Himanshi before her re-entry into the house, told that he asked her to not cross any limits with Asim as his family wants them to maintain the decency line which they followed before. He then stated that Himanshi and Asim should control their emotions. "I also told her that we want you to be with him the way you were before. In spite of having feelings for each other, they never got cozy or crossed their limits. And my family wants her to maintain the same line because there are people inside who are doing things for publicity which doesn't look good on screen as our families watch Bigg Boss. The two should control their emotions," Umar added.

(Source: Spotboye/Instagram)