Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar Day 68: Salman Khan reveals about Arhaan Khan's wife and child, Rashami Desai can't believe her ears


The Saturday episode of Bigg Boss 13 was indeed an eventful and dramatic one. Salman Khan seemed to be in no mood to spare anyone for their behaviour inside the house. He greeted the housemates with a rather angry mood and asked Rashami Desai to speak her heart out. The actress informed Salman about her disagreement with regard to aggression and body shaming, to which the latter supported her. He went on to ask Mahira Sharma about the same question and she put forth her point. After Shehnaaz Kaur Gill and Hindustani Bhau, an irked Salman expressed his annoyance with Sidharth Shukla's behaviour and asked the housemates the reason for talking to him in the first place. Controlling his anger, Salman moved on to Shehnaaz to discuss her opinion. When she was talking, the housemates counterattacked her.

While the housemates were engaged in a heated argument, Salman, angrily put on end to it and proceeded to Arhaan Khan. Salman, talking to Arhaan and Rashami, revealed that Arhaan has a wife and a child outside the house. A clueless Rashami, who believed Arhaan is in love with her and trusted him, was left heartbroken. The actor, who has known Rashami for a few years now, asked her whether she was aware of Arhaan's child. A shocked Rashami couldn't believe her ears. Salman then left the stage to calm down and asked Rashami and Arhaan to talk it out. Soon, Arhaan explained it all to Rashami, who couldn't stop crying. She demanded some time to think. The housemates were clearly angry with Arhaan. As Rashami's and Arhaan's conversation was still on, Salman returned through Me TV and said he was feeling bad but had to do it. 


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Reprimanding the housemates for unnecessary violence during tasks, Salman told others apart from Arti Singh, Madhurima Tuli, Mahira and Shefali Bagga to pack their bags and go home. Salman then requested Bigg Boss to keep the door open and scolded the contestants for making the show look disgusting. 

Salman, towards the end of the episode, welcomed Rani Mukerji who promoted her upcoming film Mardaani 2. The actors, who have known each other for decades, played games and indulged in some fun moments.

(Source: Colors)