Bigg Boss 13 Day 63 Highlights: Vishal Aditya Singh confesses love for Madhurima Tuli despite being at loggerheads, Arhaan Khan proposes to Rashami Desai


The contestants on a new day woke up to the song Ruk Ruk Ruk. Soon, the housemates discussed about not receiving ration for the house. A while later, Shefali Bagga, Arhaan Khan and Madhurima Tuli are introduced to us as the wild-card entrants. Bigg Boss then announced a task titled Nazarandaz, wherein the housemates had to ignore the Shefali, Madhurima and Arhaan. The wild-card entrant who managed to distract the inmates would be declared safe from the next elimination. Shefali, Arhaan and Madhurima had to enter the house one by one.

Starting with Arhaan, when he entered Arti Singh teased Rashami Desai and stated that she needs to find a person who loves her unconditionally. Shehnaaz Kaur Gill then kept naming Sidharth Shukla. Arhaan went close to Rashami. He praised Asim Riaz by saying he was looking good. Arhaan went back to Rashami and showed her a ring. Madhurima, seated inside a secret room felt Rashami got shocked. Before leaving, Arhaan told Rashami to be happy and assured to meet her in February. Rashami then told that she got to know what she wanted. Arti congratulated her and gave her a hug. Rashami almost broke down. Arhaan's reaction meter was just one line since everyone ignored him.


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Madhurima entered the house next. Soon, when Madhurima went to Mahira Sharma, Rashami gave her a flying kiss. Madhurima addressed Vishal Aditya Singh, who ignored her. Madhurima stole Bigg Boss' things. Shehnaaz and Himanshi held hands when Madhurima followed them and went into the bathroom. Madhurima stole sandals and Mahira walked back, making Shefali and Arhaan decide it is a reaction. Meanwhile, Madhurima went to Rashami and said she should have accepted Arhaan's ring. Towards the end of her task, Madhurima told she stole all the stuff and left the house. Bigg Boss appreciated Madhurima and gave her two lines.

Shefali Bagga cames in next and asked Shehnaaz to welcome her. She kept giving kisses to the latter, who got emotional and went up to Rashami. Shefali then told Rashami that she now understands that Mahira is untrustworthy. Shehnaaz finally gave Shefali a hug and forehead kiss. Shefali apologised to her and went to Arti to tell that is a strong and genuine contestant and friend. Paras asked Shefali for a hug. She informed him that his mother has sent a message. Paras could barely ignore her. While talking about his mother, Paras ended up giving her hugs throughout. Shehnaaz, Arti and Paras went to leave Shefali. Arti and Himanshi hugged Shefali after the task ended. Mahira also reacted after the bell. Bigg Boss then gave Shefali the maximum lines. 

Bigg Boss then announced that Shefali, Arhaan and Madhurima have won the task and have been saved from the coming week’s nominations. Shefali, after entering into the house, reprimanded Paras for using foul language. Madhurima spoke to Shefali Jariwala and expressed her feelings about entering the house. Meanwhile, Arhaan confessed to Mahira and Hindustani Bhau that Rashami said ‘I love you’ to him before his exit. Thereafter he proposed Rashami as the others cheered them up.

Shehnaaz asked Madhurima about her relationship with Vishal. Madhurima went on to confess that she did love Vishal. Vishal too disclosed that he loves Madhurima but has hurt him. Both the exes met and spoke to each other. Vishal said that he is shocked by her entry. Madhurima replied by saying she has come to the show to play. They got involved in a minor tiff. Madhurima also said that she hasn’t come to the show because of Vishal. 

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