The only thing he is doing is bitching about everyone: Mahira Sharma's mother Sania Sharma lashes out at Hindustani Bhau for calling her 'bade hoton wali chipkali'


The latest episode of Bigg Boss 13 was full of fights and arguments. Bigg Boss gave a special task to Hindustani Bhau wherein he had to make a video in his style and talk about three people in the house. Here, Hindustani Bhau targeted Paras, Mahira and Shehnaaz. Bhau called Mahira 'bade hoton wali chipkali' and his comments made on her did not go down well with her. Bhau revealed that Paras too had teased her in front of him and has talked about her in this manner. This hurt Mahira deeply and she got into a heated argument with Paras which created a rift between them.

As we saw Mahira losing her cool and arguing with Paras behind bars over Hindustani Bhau’s ‘chipkali’ comment, her mother Sania Sharma was also disappointed and angry by those words. Expressing her angst, Sania exclusively speaks to an entertainment website and said, “I am extremely disturbed with his (Hindustani Bhau) comments. One should have a command on his language especially when you are being seen on National TV. I am very disappointed that he is calling my daughter lizard and commenting on her lips size just to make his video entertaining. I was very happy when he entered the house and called my daughter her younger sister. But with his latest act, I just want to ask how can a brother make fun of his own sister on such a big platform just to get some footage?”

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She also added, "The only thing Hindustani Bhau is doing inside is bitching about everyone; whichever group he is sitting with, he starts bitching about another one. Also, he is not the person who he is trying to be. Just go and check the videos he has made and posted on his YouTube channel. I also want to tell those who are going on my daughter's looks that she is the most beautiful girl inside and those who are commenting on her are just jealous".

We will have to wait and watch to see how host Salman Khan reacts to this tonight. 

(Source: Colors TV)