Bigg Boss 12 Written Update Day 93: Surbhi Rana wins ticket to finale; other housemates get nominated for the week

As excited as we were to know who would be winning the ticket to the finale, the results left us disappointed. Bigg Boss was right that certain rules in the game are made so that contestants can use their brains to use them to their own advantage in the game. This result could’ve been very different had Romil not exchanged his seats with Somi who decided to save Surbhi. Deepak too was miffed with her action. This little mistake finally cost them and Surbhi got a seat in the finale.

The same Surbhi who was filled with the conceit that she can survive alone without anyone’s support is actually the one who has been going ahead in the game with only people’s support. She became the captain for the second time by fluke, but next two times it was only because of the support from her Happy Club. Her egregious behaviour, constant rants not to forget the incessant provocation to a lot of people and constant nervous breakdowns (which God knows, were that or simply her aggression) as a viewer was nothing but cacophony. Dipika was right today when she said that if she can control her temper now why couldn’t she do it earlier.

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Romil has also revealed that Surbhi had said that till 10 to 11 weeks she will show her angry avatar and then mellow down. So was all that just to be in the limelight? How come Surbhi Rana is now the most dislikeable person in the house as at one point or the other she has caused a lot of mental agony to each one. Also, let’s not forget that Surbhi did not show any appreciation towards Sree and Dipika when they supported her to be the captain last time. This is the Surbhi Rana who has saved a spot for herself in the finale, imagine!

Now honestly, KV did deserve a fair chance to be in the finale. Yes, the man took time to catch up in the race, but, if he would have been a finalist or would have won, at least people would find some good work when the googled about him. Ah, and not for forget some sane person who even if lost it in the house he didn’t hurt anyone. Sree has picked on his family a million times, Rohit has used abuses against him and Dipika her fellow-mate from the industry time and again have called him non-trustworthy. If KV was overdramatic he would have higher enough limelight through all this, think if you saw him doing that all the time?

Here’s all that happened in the house:

The ticket to finale task continued and KV gave his seat to Romil and Romil and Dipika became firefighters. They were supposed to choose between KV and Surbhi. Romil wanted to save KV but, Dipika this time was all praise for Surbhi and her spirit for the game and wanted to save her. When Romil told her that KV is her friend she curtly replied that he is not her friend and only a co housemate. This comment hurt KV too. Ultimately they saved Surbhi. This removed KV from the ticket to the finale. Post the task KV thanked Dipika for her comments. Dipika remained indifferent. Sree tried making a deal wherein he promised to save Romil. KV and Sree kept taunting each other through the task.

For the next round, Romil called Somi and Dipika called Surbhi. BB was miffed with the housemates' decision as Somi was already out of the race and said that if the two do not come up with a  mutual decision the two contestants whose pictures are displayed would land up getting a cross. The two were then asked to choose between Surbhi and Romil. Surbhi obviously wanted to save herself. Somi wanted to keep her promise with Romil. Surbhi started pleading and finally, Somi decided to save her. This miffed Deepak as he said that though she tried to be fair she had betrayed him. He did not approve of Romil and Somi’s decision and questioned their motives. The next firefighters are Deepak and Sree. Inside the kitchen, Dipika congratulated Surbhi, to which she said that she was not sure if Somi would agree. Deepak and Sree get Dipika and Sree’s photo on the wall. Sree wanted to save Dipika and Deepak wanted to save him. In the end, Dipika was saved. Finally, the task ended. Deepak, Surbhi and Dipika won the ticket to the finale.

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KV broke down as he was hurt with a lot of things. Deepak sang for him. Sree wished his wife again and Romil mocked him. The next day housemates woke up to the song Aati kya khandala. Sree had an emotional moment and Deepak sang his self composed song for him. KV read out the next phase of the ticket to finale task. The three contestants who won the ticket would be seated near a booty wearing headphones. The other contestants would be coming to the booth and give their opinions about them. This will go on for 33 mins. Deepak, Surbhi and Dipika would guess when they finish 33 mins. They would hit the gong when they felt that their stipulated time was over and hit the gong. The ones whose guess is close to 33 mins would win the task.

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Deepak went in first. Surbhi went to the booth and accessed him of betraying a lot of people in the house. Sree said that his behaviour is so bad that it is difficult for him to get work outside. Dipika said that he said so much about celebs and if he had so many problems with them then why did he decide to be a part of the show. She even went on to say that he lost in morales in the desire to be in the game. She said that even if he wins he would still be a loser for his attitude. Deepak rang the gong. He then spoke to his team about what he felt. He spoke to Dipika inside and said that she really showed no mercy. Dipika said he gave back what he received.

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Next was Surbhi and everyone went all guns blazing at her. Somi went into the booth and accessed Surbhi of double-crossing her in the BB bus task, despite she always called Somi her friend. Deepak called her Fake Surbhi Rana and accessed her of playing the woman card and fabricating information. Dipika too questioned Surbhi’s reality as she asked her how come he was controlling her temper now. Romil said she used people to her advantage and did that to him, Deepak and Somi. Surbhi hit the gong and choked as he spoke. Romil and Deepak said that she would go an cry.

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Next was Dipika. Surbhi went in first and gave back to her comment saying that she was often referred to as the mouthpiece for Sree by everyone. Deepak said she does not have the ability to handle criticism but did not leave any stone unturned in criticizing others. Romil called her fake and mean.

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The housemates gathered in the living area and Bigg Boss declared how much time each person took. Deepak was 12 mins and few secs up, Dipika was 12 mins and 4 secs up, and Surbhi was only 5 mins and few secs which meant that Surbhi had won the ticket to the finale. Surbhi was excited. The rest of the housemates were nominated for the week.

Dipika sat alone in the garden area and was crying in the garden area. Sree went and sat next to her. Dipika said to Sree that she was disappointed in herself for losing the game. She told him that winning this game meant a lot to her and that she was disappointed in herself for losing the ticket to the finale. Romil went to the two and said that he is happy that Happy club was still there. Sree asked him which Happy club to which Romil told him that all four members of the Happy club were in the last leg of the game. Sree got upset and asked him to cherish this. Dipika questioned the relevance of the same at that particular moment. Romil went in and said that same to Surbhi, Deepak and Somi. He said no matter what went down he was happy to see the four of them in this particular week.

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The preview showed housemates answering questions of the audience tomorrow? What are you expecting the current mood in the house? And most important, who do you think should get eliminated from the show this week?