Bigg Boss 12 Written Update Day 79: Did Surbhi and Rohit double cross Deepak and KV?


Equations changing are passé now that everyone is playing for themselves. Season after season we hear that there are no real relationships in the Bigg Boss house and with each season it becomes real. Rohit Suchanti and Surbhi played against their team and landed up eliminating Somi and Deepak.

Deepak was on a massive guilt trip for agreeing to them as he got out of the captaincy race. He did not take the defeat lightly and locked himself in the bathroom and hurt himself.

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Dipika Kakkar also had a nervous breakdown as she broke down over Deepak and Rohit’s comment and walked out of the task. Overall it was another day of drama. Romil tried to ride on the situation and win Deepak and Somi’s trust back and declared that they are forming an Apple pie club.

Here’s all that happened in the house:

The show began with the BB school Bus task spilling over day 2. An argument broke between Surbhi and Romil as Surbhi was trying to secure a seat in the bus without a bag. Romil objected to it. The argument spread between KV, Deepak and Romil. Megha got into a fight with Somi and Deepak instigated it. In a fit of anger, she threw the bag out of the bus. Deepak had Megha’s bag and walked out of the bus. Megha was out of the race.

Sreesanth and Rohit get into a heated argument and both tried to infuriate each other. Sreesanth warned him and Rohit called him “Phatichar.” Sreesanth went to slap Rohit but housemates came to his rescue and an unwanted situation was averted.

At the gong housemates again rushed to get the bags. They now targeted Dipika and an argument between her and Surbhi happened. An angry Dipika walked out of the task and broke down. Megha and others consoled her. Dipika said that they have worked really hard to be where they are and they do not deserve this kind of treatment. Dipika agreed that she cannot get aggressive for the task but doesn’t back out on taking a stand.

Rohit and others discuss how Sree is smart and gets the footage for himself. Rohit said he loved being the villain. Finally, after a lot of cajoling Dipika decided to complete the task. Rohit came out with Dipika’s bag and her bag had Rs 4,50,0000. Post the task Surbhi tried to sympathize with Dipika and she yelled at her to not show her fake sympathy.

At the second gong, Deepak removed KV out of the task. His bag had Rs 2,85,0000. Later Deepak, Surbhi, and Rohit planned to remove Somi from the task. Rohit had Deepak’s bag and they decide to play individually. Deepak gets competitive and argument breaks between him, Rohit and Surbhi.

Rohit got frustrated and got out of the bus eliminating Deepak from the task. Deepak’s bag had 3,20,000. He said he will now play for himself. Megha, Dipika and others enjoy the argument between them. Somi felt betrayed and Romil and Surbhi told her that they cannot trust her as she was still close to Romil. Romil, Surbhi, KV got into a heated argument and Surbhi called Romil “shithead.” Jasleen and Megha taunted Deepak for Rohit eliminating him.

Megha later told Deepak that once a cheater always a cheater, she was saying that about Rohit. Rohit told KV that Deepak said that he wanted to eliminate him. Somi felt upset that she was not updated about the plan. KV said that he sacrificed himself and Dipika and Jasleen made fun of him. Romil said that KV was the mastermind behind breaking Happy Club. They both get infuriated. Surbhi and Rohit called KV double-faced. At the gong Rohit removed Somi from the race. Her bag had 6,25,0000. Bigg Boss announced the end of the task and declares Rohit and Surbhi would compete for the next captaincy.

Deepak was sitting alone and Somi went to console him but ended up crying and Romil consoled her and calmed her down. At last everyone was laughing and Megha came in. Romil said they are now forming Apple Pie club. An emotional Deepak again found a corner to cry alone. Romil went to console him and Deepak said that relationships in the house are fake. He told him how Rohit and Surbhi backstabbed him and tricked him into agreeing to eliminate Somi. He told Romil that he felt guilty from the first moment.

Deepak later walked up to Somi for apologizing to her. He poured his heart out but Somi was upset and said that she felt cheated. She said she does not want to trust anyone. This did not go down well with Deepak as he locked himself in the bathroom and started crying. Sreesanth found Deepak and knocked on the door and asked him to come out. Soon the whole house gathered near the bathroom area and KV broke the door. Deepak hugged Sree and cried. Right informed about Deepak to Surbhi.

KV, Surbhi, Somi spoke to Deepak about the task. Somi said she does not hold any grudge against Deepak. Deepak was too upset with himself and again harmed himself by breaking the object next to his bed. KV and Somi tried to pacify him. Sree told Dipika that Deepak was unable to take defeat. Surbhi and Rohit spoke about how it was Deepak who started the defeat game first. Deepak kept asking for Somi’s forgiveness. The two had a light moment as Somi asked who he felt bad betraying more, Somi or KV. Deepak said he broke both his hands. Somi advised him to let go off and not behave like Sreesanth.

The preview showed Deepak doing crazy things to get over his guilt. Where would this lead? Who do you think will become the captain between Surbhi and Rohit? Who deserves a spot in the 14th week? Leave your answers below and keep reading this space for more.