Bigg Boss 12 Written Update Day 78: Housemates get a chance to win back prize money and secure their spot in 14th week


As the weeks are drawing close the true colors of the relationships are coming out. Friends have turned foe is old, now everyone is viewing the other as a competitor. People like Romil, Megha and Jasleen are trying hard to hold on to something that keeps them afloat.

In today’s task the desperation that each one has to survive and reach the top was evident. Bigg Boss gave the housemates a not just a chance to win back the prize money they had lost but even secure a position in the 14th week. Housemates were ready to go to any limit to secure their position and the task saw them getting aggressive and physical with each other a number of times.

Here’s all that happened in the house: 

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The show began with Karanvir reading out the next captaincy task “BB School Bus.” There was a school bus in the garden area and a bag containing each contestants name and picture of each contestant. At the bell the housemates would pick one bag and secure a seat in the bus. When the sounds of the breaks played the one who gets down first with bag that particular housemate would be out of the captaincy race. Each bag had an amount. The one whose bag is out that money would go in the deposit of the price money. Not just this one who becomes the new captain of the house also gets a chance to secure his position in the 14th week.

The two groups immediately get into the planning mode and decide to pick bags of their own people first. In the first round itself housemates get into a major argument as Sreesanth tried to instigate Rohit and vice versa. The housemates started making fun of his sexuality. At one point Dipika loses it at both Rohit and Sree and asked them to behave. She said that using profane language in the house and front of females was not acceptable. Surbhi jumps on the opportunity to taunt her and says that she should have taken the stand much earlier.

As the doors opened they pushed each other to enter the baggage room. KV fell down. Romil stopped Surbhi who had picked up three bags and they both physically stopped each other. Deepak secured the seat near the exit and Dipika and others refused to move from the door. Bigg Boss asked them to be seated on the seats. At the first buzzer Deepak came out with Romil’s bag and he was out of the captaincy race. The amount in his bag was 10,000.

Romil turned sanchalak. In the next round Romil made a remark on Surbhi’s brother and the two got into an argument wherein Surbhi warned him to not speak about her brothers. Sreesanth and Rohit continued to be at loggerheads and Sree did not allow Rohit to enter the bus which irked him. Surbhi asked Bigg Boss to eliminate Sree.

At the sound of the breaks the second person to get eliminated from the captaincy race was Sreesanth and he had 20,000 in his bag. Bigg Boss announces that the task for the day was over. Post the task Dipika lost it at her team for stooping to the other team’s level and walked out. She sat alone and cried and Megha tried to console her. Jasleen gave her explanations but none worked on her.

Meanwhile, KV came out and angrily asked Sreesanth about his comment in which he said that he touched Dipika inappropriately. KV confronted Dipika. Sree said he pushed her very bad. KV asked Dipika for the truth and she said that she got hurt with his push. KV apologized and Dipika said it was okay and part and parcel of the game. Finally Sreesanth consoled Dipika and she made a shocking revelation that she cannot stand fights and it affects her as she had seen fights all her childhood. She started crying inconsolably and said that she wanted to go home.

Amidst all this Somi and Jasleen got into an argument and Somi told her “ek gaya toh chahiye” which did not go well with Jasleen and hit back at Somi with the same intensity and asked her to explain. Romil tried to calm the two down. Jasleen asked Somi to explain what she meant. Romil tried to calm the matter but Jasleen was stuck with Somi’s words. Somi went to speak to Romil. Jasleen told Dipika that she is worried what Romil’s wife must be thinking. Somi again told Somi that she is taking her wrong. Somi told that same to Romil but he said that ultimately it will be perceived in the same way. Somi told Romil that he genuinely cared for him, Surbhi, Rohit and Deepak. Romil told her that she remains the most important person to her in the show but they cannot be together and she should go and speak to her real friends.

Somi got emotional and told KV how Jasleen was portraying her comment as. Somi said that she kept feeling bad for Romil at certain places. KV said he does not bother much about Romil and does not want to get involved in it too. Surbhi told Somi that she understood her feelings and affection for Romil but, she should think of her self respect. Surbhi explained Somi how badly Romil treated her always. She also told Somi to keep up herself respect and that Romil was not a trusty man at all. Somi said that she gives Romil a piece of her mind when he acted mean. Somi also said that she found it difficult to be indifferent to her. Deepak, Surbhi KV and others discuss about the price money that was found in Sree and Romil’s bag. She said that Dipika was not even a close to a competition. Somi once again tried to explain Jasleen and Megha about what she meant.

Romil saw Megha crying and she said that she was missing her friend. Romil hugged her. Jasleen asked him why he never treats her the same way. Romil said he viewed her differently. Romil told Megha in front of Jasleen that he felt that she had a crush on him. Jasleen confessed that she found him cute in the second week. Romil spoke about Deepak to Dipika, Megha and Jasleen and how Rohit stood between them as friends. Deepak was hiding and listening to the conversation.

Next day housemates woke up to the song Paisa Paisa. Deepak and Somi have a light cute moment and Romil saw that. He wished that their dreams come true. The next day the task resumed and housemates queued near the baggage area. Romil asked Somi to move and she got upset with him for making his own rules. In the whole argument Jasleen took Somi’s place and an argument broke between the Romil and Somi. Somi asked Romil to ask Jasleen to move and act fair. Rohit also spoke on Somi’s behalf and soon Rohit and Romil got into an argument. Somi took her frustration out on Jasleen and stopped her from entering the baggage room. Jasleen was upset and refused to do the task. Somi broke down and told Dipika that she too was a human and felt hurt. Finally, after a lot argument, Jasleen took Somi’s bag and sat in the bus. Somi said she was happy and asked her team to eliminate Jasleen from the captaincy race. Meanwhile, Rohit and Sreesanth got into an ugly fight and Rohit as usual got Sreesanth infuriated.

The preview showed Rohit challenging Sreesanth to hit and it looks like Sree did hit him. But, did he actually hit him? Let’s find that tomorrow. In the meanwhile, you guys take a guess who will be the next captain of the house and who will secure the spot in the 14th week? Leave your answers in the comment box and keep reading this space for your daily dose of Bigg Boss.