Bigg Boss 12 Written Update Weekend ka Vaar: Salman exposes Dipika, Megha and Jasleen’s double standards


Major drama unfolded this weekend as Salman was on Mission Expose. This week two tasks got cancelled back to back but more than that what really irked the host was that despite several warnings housemates have not learnt their lessons on mannerisms and language that should be used on the show. A livid Salman did not leave a stone unturned and called a spade a spade as he condemned Sree’s words he used for Surbhi and Surbhi for provoking Sree and calling for this behaviour.

Megha Dhade who we often see using her feminism card on the show came under the scanner as Salman pointed to her double standards when Sree used derogatory statements against Surbhi in her absence. Dipika and Jasleen too were questioned by the host for not displaying the courage to object to Sree’s statement. Post the expose the house was divided in two groups. Dipika, Megha, Romil and Jasleen who stood by Sree and the others who supported Surbhi. In short, the Dabang actor put each one in their place, no matter they were celebs and non celebs.

Here’s all that happened at the Weekend ka vaar with Salman:

Salman entered the show with a million dollar smile and greeted the audience. He reminded the audience of finale four weeks from now and the winner would be declared. He then spoke about who all were nominated and the spooky idea that Bigg Boss gave to Megha.

The housemates woke up to the song, “Ek pal ka jeena.” Dipika saw the lemon laced with kumkum and needles pierced in them. Karanveer complains to Bigg Boss. Megha repeated the same story she told Jasleen. Dipika realized that there were more lemons. Sree wrapped it all in the tissue and threw them out.

Salman met the housemates and greeted them and taunted about two task in the houses getting cancelled back to back. One the BB panchayat task and second the captaincy task. He said that they will continue with BB Panchayat part two. He called Jasleen to the witness box.  He questioned Jasleen’s decision to go ahead with KV’s hearing over Dipika’s case. He then pointed to her behaviour of mingling with one team when she was the judge. Romil said that Jasleen had already made up her mind as she was constantly in touch with the teams. Salman told Jasleen that she testified as a victim then played a defence lawyer whereas she was actually a judge. He told her that no judge in the world connects with the accused and discussed what was going to be heard in the court. He revealed that it was actually Megha who had set the agenda for her during the task. Karanveer and Deepak were in shock after listening to this. Salman then told Megha that had she not intervened the two tasks wouldn’t have been cancelled.

Salman then called Somi to the witness box. He asked how many of them felt that she was biased as a Sarpanch. Salman and Somi are shocked as Romil voted for her. Somi said that she felt that Jasleen was being unfair and her only intention was to play fair. Romil said that he felt that Somi was not correct as she had not understood the game properly. Salman straightforwardly asked Romil if he was expecting Somi to support him in the task. Romil denied. Sreesanth interfered and said that KV has always claimed that he was confused about what he was doing on the show and everyone bursts into laughter. Salman complimented Somi for her efforts for the task.

Salman moved the focus to Dipika trying to convince Somi to use her situation with Deepak during the case. Somi said that since there is nothing from her side for Deepak she does not want to fan any more thoughts and hence disagreed. Salman made fun of Deepak and asked him to take a clue and leave Somi alone. Salman again came back to the task and questioned Dipika about using this as a pact when her case was coming up. Dipika said that she just casually said it and did not mean it. Somi and Deepak get upset with her statement. Dipika said she had no remorse for the same as at that moment she was done listening to people in the loop that Sreesanth had abused her. Somi, Deepak and others were not happy about her doing that but Dipika said that she just used her presence of mind. Salman took a break and showed what was happening inside the house. Somi was upset with Romil that he voted for she being biased and not for Jasleen. Surbhi again lectured Megha on playing for the genuine ones in the house.

Salman asked the housemates if they wanted anyone else in the witness box since it was already there. Surbhi said she had a few issues with Sreesanth. She then pointed out to the captaincy task when he wanted to provoke Surbhi. She said that why was it okay when he wanted to provoke her and not okay when she did the same. She questioned the double standards. She brought up Sreesanth pushing her during the task. Salman said that they both were wrong and both of them provoked each other, so what was her accusation? Surbhi said that he called her characterless. Sree said that Surbhi got very personal and does that every time and hence it is only with her that things get so heated up. Deepak intervened and said that Sree donn’s the calm good boy image on weekends and then displays the exact opposite of it on other days. Surbhi defended herself and said that she only said things that Sree had revealed on the show and not like Sree. Salman reminded Sree that he had been warned even earlier to not cross limits during fights. Sreesanth explained what he meant when he used the character. He said that he meant she should donn the character properly.

Salman quoted the example from last week when Deepak used the word “Chaal Chalan” last week and he said that he was angry. Salman said it was the same thing here. Sreesanth said that people have gone very personal in this house and it is not correct. Salman then revealed about the statement he made about Surbhi in her absence. Sree said that Surbhi is the kind of girl who hang out at the hotel post 11 in the night. Sree agreed he said that. Dipika said that she had scolded Sree right at the moment. Sree said that he says things when is outraged but he did not mean it. Salman exposed that Dipika, Jasleen and Megha were witness to the conversation. He pointed to Megha that during her time she created a ruckus but she did nothing this time. Megha said she was upset and cried. Salman said none of the cameras captured it. Jasleen said she did not hear it. Dipika again repeated that she did scold Sree and Salman said that was not enough. KV got angry with the group for letting this go and be a part of it.

Salman warned Sreesanth again and when Sree denied he reminded that he had just confessed about the same. Finally, Sree apologized to Surbhi on the national television but maintained that he did not want to blot her character.  Salman warned Surbhi and told her that she too was wrong. He said that she was aware that Sree had an anger issue and therefore should not provoke him and invite such comments. An upset Sree walked out of the conversation. He marched into the bathroom and started ranting about the house. He locked himself in the bathroom and started to cry.

Salman told Surbhi that when she is aware that Sree reacted in a particular way she too shouldn’t have called for it. He said that her respect is in her own hands. Salman said that what Surbhi did was of more intensity compared to him. He advised her to not comment on his court cases as the matter was already sub judice. He told Surbhi that he too has court cases against him.

Salman took a break from the housemates and invited Nayati Khanna and Sumati to the stage. Salman revealed the reason behind Bigg Boss’ spooky idea. The two promote their upcoming show “Tantra.”

Salman showed what was happening in the house. Dipika started to bang on the bathroom door and asked Sree to come out. Romil, KV and Somi joined her. Sree opened the door but refused to come out. Romil came out and started crying and said that he was feeling bad for Sree as he had never seen him like this. Somi consoled him. Dipika told Somi that Surbhi’s words and actions are very calculative and she always attacks on Sreesanth’s Achilles heels. Deepak got mad at Megha for her double standards. Megha yelled back at him saying she did what she had to. Inside Romil was all worked up and ranted about Surbhi and herself-proclaimed “being genuine” tag which was a farce.

KV went to speak to Surbhi and said that he had told her to control her anger and learn to draw a line. Surbhi used the celebrity and common man card in her defense. Sreesanth finally came out of the bathroom and Dipika consoled him. KV and Deepak talk about Sree. KV said that his apology sounded very forced and plastic. Sree came out and apologized to  Romil and thanked him for supporting him. Deepak was surprised to see Romil cry and KV and him made fun of him. Looking at the situation Salman said that it was not appropriate to talk about evictions and would do that tomorrow. He did not go back to the housemates and bid adieu to the audience and said that Sara and Sushant would join them tomorrow on the show.

Things sure are heated up and everyone has been put in place. Sure the housemates feel like choosing between a rock and a hard place while deciding who was more wrong, but genuinely what is your opinion? Who do you think is wrong between Surbhi and Sree? Also, between Megha, Romil, Deepak, Jasleen and Dipika, who do you think will get eliminated tomorrow? Leave your comments below and keep reading this space for more.