Bigg Boss 12 Weekend Ka Vaar: End Of Srishty Rode’s journey in the Bigg Boss house


After the storm on Saturday, the Bigg Boss 12 episode on Sunday was a lot chilled out as popular Colors TV stars Kamya Punjabi, Anita Hassanandani, Shivin, Harshad Chopda, Surbhi Jyoti, Pearl Puri tickled the funny bones of the housemates and the audience. The BB pageant saw some hidden talent as Sreesanth stumped the audience with his dance moves. Last years' Rising Star winner Hemant Brijwasi enthralled the audience with his singing as well.

Apart from that Romil and Surbhi got into an ugly spat. Looks like their arguement won’t be over soon, will these brother sisters turn arch rivals now? Well that’s something that only time can tell. But for now, here’s all that happened at the weekend ka vaar with host Salman Khan.

The show started on an entertaining note with last years' Rising Star winner Hemant Brijwasi mesmerising the audience by singing Sultan title track and Dil Diyan Gallan from Tiger Zinda Hai. Salman greeted the audience and spoke about the unsafe contestants. He then showed what happened when popular Colors TV stars had entered the Bigg Boss house and donned hats of the contestants in the house. The act had the audience in splits when Surbhi Jyoti, who played Dipika Kakar, failed at making round dosas for Sreesanth which was played by Pearl Puri. Harsha Chopda, who plays Aditya, enacted KV and he mocked Sreesanth for abusing him. Anita Hanssanandani played Somi and Shivin Narang, who plays RJ Jai, stepped into Deepak’s shoes. They mocked the way Deepak teased Somi. Kamya Punjabi aced it as she played Megha and got into a fight with Deepak. They recreated the infamous incident from last week when Megha spat and threw a shoe at him. Salman entered the show and interacted with the team while the stars portrayed the characters they were portraying.

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Shivin then introduced Bigg Boss Beauty Pageant for the boys. Anita, Kamya and Surbhi turned judges for the show. First Karanveer and Rohit were called to enact Desi Boys. KV and Rohit did not shy away and showed some sexy moves with their chiseled bodies. They earned a lot of whistles from the ladies and a thumbs up from the judges. Next was Deepak who sang 'tere naam se jee loon' and despite having a bad cough, he managed to enthrall the audience. The judges  teased by asking who was it for. They asked for Somi‘s comment on his performance.

Shivin called Sreesanth up next and the cricketer left the audience speechless with his dance moves as he shook a leg on the popular Parbhu Deva song 'Muqabala'. The judges too joined him on the stage. After Sreesanth, Romil was again asked to stage his controversial chat show 'Romil Chaudhary ki chatpatti baatein' Part 2. Kamya said that he played a bit safe this time. Romil said that he does not want to hurt anyone’s emotions. Kamya also shared her opinion on Deepak’s feelings for Somi with Romil. She said that it was looking fake but Romil assured her that from Deepak’s side it is genuine but he can’t say the same about Somi. In the last round, all the boys were called on the stage and they were asked questions. Anita asked Deepak what would he do if he was stuck in the lift with Megha for 24 hours. He replied that he would first take away her shoes. Romil was asked who would his parents stop him to play with and his reply was Surbhi. When Surbhi was asked the same, she took Sreesanth's name as he was unpredictable. Sreesanth was asked that if given a chance, which rule of the house he would change, to which he said that he would like to play MMA with the other housemates. Rohit was asked who would he not fight against and he replied Sree as he had threatened him to break his ribs. At the end, Sreesanth was declared the winner and was given her sash and a trophy. Sree dedicated his victory to his son.

Salman entered the house and greeted the housemates. Sreesanth requested him to wish his son and the host happily obliged. Salman introduced Hemant Brijwasi to the housemates. He said that there was a juke box which had a song list on it and they could pick up a song for any contestant and Hemant would sing it. Dipika dedicated 'khud ko kya samjhta hai', Jasleen dedicated 'bholi soorat dil ki khote' for Deepak, Deepak dedicated the popular song 'lipstick' for Somi, and Sreesanth dedicated 'phoolon ka taron ka' for Dipika. At Salman’s request Hemant sang, 'Aa dekhe zara' for the housemates.

Salman later announced Sultani Akhada and asked Romil and Surbhi to come in. Surbhi was given a chance to pick a male contestant for round two. However, who ever she would name will have a choice of turning down her offer. Surbhi’s first choice was Sreesanth but he turned down and she asked KV to step in for her. Round one was verbal dangal and only Megha and KV voted for Surbhi, rest supported Romil and he won the round. KV, who was representing Surbhi, lost to Romil in the second round and finally Romil became the winner.

Anita, Surbhi and the other Colors gang joined Salman on the stage. Anita and Surbhi came with garlands and told him that the Naagins wanted to marry him. The two were blindfolded and were asked to spot Salam and put the garland around him. Mahir helped Anita to spot Salman and Harshad Chopda decoded to help Anita. The girls had fun and specially when they revealed their Naagin age. While Bela claimed that she was 1,000 years old, Anita said she was young and it was only 728 years. The girls then grooved to 'jag ghoomeya."

It was time for eviction and Srishty, Jasleen, Megha and Rohit were in the danger zone. Salman asked the housemates to guess the name of the contestant who ran high chances of being evicted. Maximum of them named Jasleen. Salman said that Jasleen was saved and instead Srishty was the one who was evicted. Housemates were shocked. As Srishty started to pack her bags, Sreesanth said that next week Rohit would go out for cheating them during the task. Housemates bid Srishty goodbye.

Surbhi and Romil got into an argument over what Romil said on Sultani Akhada. In no time, both were heard yelling at each other and calling names to each other. Later Surbhi was strategising with KV about what would happen next. Surbhi even said that Romil would ask everyone to stay away from her.

With so many equations changing in the house,  tomorrow’s eviction would be fun to watch. The preview also showed Sreesanth opening up on his match fixing story tomorrow. What truth would come out now? Also, will Surbhi have it easy for captaincy? Let us know your views in the comments section below and keep reading this space to know what all happened in the house.